Happy Thanksgiving, Gleeks! Want to know what I’m thankful for this year (in addition to all of this stuff): “Furt”! 

As some of you know, I had lost a little faith in Glee for the last few weeks, but I followed my heart and the immortal words of Journey and didn’t stop believin’. And it totally paid off with tonight’s episode: perfect pop culture references (Lost! Finchel!), spot-on Sue quotes (“And that’s why I prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorsy”), emotional depth (the wedding vows!), Carol Burnett (!) as Sue’s Nazi-hunting mom Doris, and awesome musical numbers. It’s like getting that perfect bite of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce all together in one delicious melody.

So allow me to dab the tears from my eyes (I know I’m not the only one that got all teary and goose bumpy tonight) and dive into the Gleeky goodness.  

A Nice Day for a Glee Wedding 

Playing wedding planner is right in Kurt’s wheelhouse (“My Power Rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations they were like Fleetwood Mac”), and it’s only fitting that the Glee kids are the wedding band (and for the first time ever, for me, when Kurt said, “The New Directions,” I totally heard, “The Nude Erections”) and that glitter-pooping doves will be released indoors. Hooray for Burt and Carole getting hitched! 

A little further down the high school hall, Sue is planning her own wedding — after her former fling newscaster Rod Remington gets engaged to his co-host. Sue realizes, after a failed online dating attempt during which we learn the fun fact that Sue is passionate about extreme taxidermy, that the only person suitable for Sue is Sue herself. I couldn’t agree more. And I’m thinking Pres. Obama’s invitation must’ve gotten lost in the mail. 

Elsewhere in this lovey-dovey episode, Sam sort of proposes to Quinn.

quinnsam.JPGColor me perplexed. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s only a promise ring, but getting down on one knee?   

Wooly Bully

Grrr, Karofsky. He’s still hanging around and acting creeptastic. This time, stealing Kurt’s wedding topper and scaring the bejeezus out of him. Props to Principal Sue for actually wearing her principal hat mighty well, though unable to do much to help Kurt — besides to stop calling him “Lady.” He opted for the new nickname “Porcelain” instead. Here’s hoping there’s a little continuity in future episodes, because I really want Porcelain to catch on as a nickname. In fact, I want it to be my nickname. Or my real name. 

Now, I totally realize I should be anti-violence, and as a modern woman, I shouldn’t think it’s hot when guys get all macho, but … I thought it was totally hot when Mike and Artie stood up to Karofsky for Kurt and was totally stoked that Sam got in a good locker slam. Not to mention the fact that I was so proud of Kurt’s dad for attacking Karofsky.

burt-bully.JPGThere, I said it. Someone get Gloria Steinem on the phone.  

And then we got to see Sue at her absolute best — yes, being funny is being her best, but standing up for Kurt seemed far more powerful to me — when she expelled Karofsky for threatening Kurt. 

Back to Wedding Bells 

Break out the hankies! Love, love, loved Burt and Carole’s wedding vows. And if you didn’t have the faintest hint of a tear stinging your eye when Carole said to Kurt, “I’m not only getting a son I’m getting a friend” or when Finn said to his mom, “You’ve taught me what it means to be a man,” you have no soul.  

Over at Sue’s wedding to herself, not only do we get to see Sue tie the knot with herself in the most amazing track suit gown I’ve ever seen (fine, the only one I’ve ever seen): 
sue-dress.JPGWe also learn that Sue became a bully from being bullied by her absent mom, who was always too busy fighting Nazis to have time for her girls: “You’re a bully, Mom … I cannot remember a conversation with you where I didn’t walk away feeling worse about myself.” And for us, it totally sucks that Doris is such a bad mom, because I love, love, love Carol Burnett and would have loved to see her back. Maybe there’s still some room there for redemption …

After the wedding hullabaloo dies down, Sue resigns as principal — I knew Figgins wouldn’t be away long — to look after Kurt and to get back to her better-smelling office. Which was followed by the not-so-shocking-but-still-sad reveal that Kurt is transferring to Dalton Academy, since Karofsky is being allowed back to school. But we know he won’t be gone long (I mean, right?), so how else can this bullying sitch possibly resolve itself? And how, may I ask, can Rachel be so supportive of standing up for Kurt and then insensitively ask, “Does this mean you’re going to be competing against us in sectionals?” Granted, the latter is more in line with her character, but still.   

And now for the tunes! 

The Music 


Leonard Bernstein’s “Ohio” sung by Doris and Sue
Oh the harmonies! Loved these two together. It was like watching an old timey vaudeville act — and I mean that in the most charming way possible. 

Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” sung by the Glee club
Loved the down-the-aisle singing — I’m predicting a new wedding trend. And for lack of a better word, the kids — and Kurt’s dad — were just so stinking cute!

“Sway” sung by Will
Yes, Will’s been grating on my nerves a bit this season, but his crooning vocals were great — could have done without the gyrating hips, though. 

Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” sung by the Glee club
OK, despite the fact that Finn’s vocals aren’t the strongest, this was totally adorable — not the best of the night, but very sweet nonetheless. But seriously, they changed the pronouns in Gwyneth’s “F*** You” last week and couldn’t change the pronouns for when Finn was singing to Kurt? “Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.” He could have at least said, “Porcelain, you’re amazing just the way you are.” 

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