A lot of people leave Alexandria in this episode of The Walking Dead, titled “East.” And that’s a little scary because we all know no one is safe on this show. Carol leaves on her own because she’s tired of all the lives she’s taken. So Rick and Morgan go after her. And Daryl leaves to avenge Denise’s death, so Rosita, Glenn and Michonne go after him.

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Leaving Again

Carol spends one last night with Tobin before she leaves. She sneaks off in one of the walker-spiked cars. On the road, and not far from Alexandria, she encounters a truck full of five men. They question her about Alexandria. She plays the scared woman, until she opens fire on them. She kills all of them, or so she thinks, as one does manage to get away.

Back at Alexandria, Tobin immediately gives Rick the note from Carol. He and Morgan take off in the hope of finding her. They come upon the scene with Carol’s busted car and the dead bodies in the truck. Rick realizes that the men must be Saviors. They follow a trail of blood into a field, looking for Carol.

They happen upon a farm, where a man claims to be looking for his horse. The man runs off before answering any questions about Carol. Rick goes to shoot him, but Morgan pushes his arm up.

During the whole trip, Morgan and Rick butt heads on killing people. So after this incident, Morgan tells Rick about how he kept the Wolf in the basement during the walker break-in. He tells him that as a result, the Wolf kidnapped Denise and then eventually saved her. And because of that, Denise was able to save Carl. He explains that everything is a circle and that everything gets a return. It seems that Rick, perhaps, is seeing things from Morgan’s perspective.

Morgan tells Rick to go back to Alexandria, and he will stay out looking for Carol. He also advises him not to come looking for him, if he doesn’t come back.

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Trying to Finish What He Started

Meanwhile, Denise’s death is not sitting well with Daryl. He heads out of Alexandria on his bike, much to the dismay of the others. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go after him. They find his bike beneath a bush in the spot by the train tracks where Denise was killed. They know he’s looking for Dwight and his group.

When they find Daryl, Glenn and Michonne try to talk some sense into him. They say they will fight Dwight, but they need to formulate a plan instead of going blindly into it. Daryl isn’t hearing it, so he and Rosita go off on their own.

A short while later, Glenn and Michonne are trapped by Dwight and his group. And this time, even though Daryl and Rosita are on the outskirts trying to save them, Dwight is one step ahead. And he shoots Daryl!

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A War is Coming

Everyone in Alexandria is ready for a fight, as they know it’s about to go down any day now with the Saviors and Negan. And the fact that core members of the group are gone concerns me. With Daryl (who I’m assuming is just injured for now), Michonne, Glenn (who is on his fourth or fifth life by now), Rosita, Carol and Morgan gone, that doesn’t leave very many strong members of the group back at Alexandria.

But Maggie is prepping everyone — and even cutting her hair so “nothing gets in the way.” However, the episode ends with her screaming in pain and holding her belly, so something is up with her pregnancy, which isn’t good.

And I have to say, if I had to worry the least about two people being out on their own and surviving, it would be Carol and Morgan. Those two have always managed to stay alive and make it back to the group, at times when they are most needed. Perhaps that will happen again soon, when the battle with Negan and the Saviors begins.

I do fear that no matter how prepared the group is, nothing will prepare them for Negan and his trusty companion, Lucille.

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