Grey’s Anatomy is on a roll again. So much happened this week! Tonight’s episode, “I Am Not Waiting Anymore”, deftly balanced humor and heart as we witnessed a very, VERY long day in the lives of our favorite surgeons. It was good. It was bad. It was ugly. So let’s rip off the bandage and begin.

Last Time Tore Us Apart

Picking up where we left off last week (okay, technically, we backed up just a touch), we began with Arizona telling Jackson that April was pregnant. And, yes, the fallout of that revelation was pretty horrible. To say Jackson took the news badly would be a gross understatement. I get that he was in shock, but he was downright nasty to April, causing a scene in the middle of the hospital.

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What followed were two lovely scenes. Owen comforted his protegee, reminding her that no matter how “screwed up” she thinks her life is right now, the fact she is having a baby is a miracle. (Related Aside: Owen needs to be a dad!!!)

In the meantime, Richard took Jackson to task, reminding Dr. Avery that his own father is MIA. Is that what he wants for his child? Eventually Jackson turns up to apologize to April who also apologizes to him, explaining that she was holding off telling him about the baby because the last time broke them and she didn’t want that to happen again.

Just when things were looking up, things turned on a dime as Jackson accused April of hiding the pregnancy until it would be too late to have an abortion should there be an issue with this baby, an outcome she would never agree to anyway. And just like that…back to square one. 

A Train’s Coming Into the Station

The framework for a lot of this episode was a marathon surgery being run by Alex Karev. It was a triple organ transplant (double lung, liver, and pancreas) and as it went on for hours, so did Meredith’s back and forth about going out with Will. As you may recall, last week Will asked Meredith out. This week she gave her answer: yes! But just for drinks. Tomorrow night. Unless she changed her mind.

As typically happens on this show, everyone was in Meredith’s business. Maggie and Alex had a series of great scenes as they took completely opposite roles in trying to support Meredith. Maggie was a cheerleader (which blew up in her face – Meredith canceled) but Alex opted for the no-pressure-but-ultimately-reassuring approach (which was just the right thing to do – Meredith called Will back).

Recalling the aftermath of his breakup with Izzie (!) Karev (who had already gotten Mer to admit that Will is great) gently reminded his friend that the first time with someone new was going to be weird and feel wrong. It was going to feel like cheating, because you feel like you belong to someone else. But you’ve got to back back on that horse sometime.

So, miracle of miracles, Meredith let Will give her a ride home. As they talked surgery and ate french fries. One had to wonder: is the start of something?

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Revelations and Repuercussions

* DeLuca pushed Maggie away. He doesn’t want special treatment because he’s dating her. 

*Amelia gave Meredith a helping hand as Mer prepared for her date with Will.

* Nathan and Owen had another fight as Nathan accused Owen of giving up on his sister, Megan, and warned Owen to not take his (Owen’s) guilt out on Nathan. Oh snap!

* Reeling from his confrontation with Nathan, Owen forgot about his birthday plans with Amelia. When she showed up at his trailer, he was drunk. Amelia beat a hasty retreat, prioritizing her sobriety.

* Arizona spent the episode seeking validation for what she did. She found none. Callie told her she’d blown it “big time.” Bailey reminded her that she’d broken patient confidentiality. Amelia finally got through to her by saying there was no way to fix things. She’d done a terrible thing. AZ would just have to hope April would forgive her eventually. It might happen. It might not. But it’s not up to Arizona.

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Jackson (to April): “When did you know? Did you know before the divorce? Did you know before we signed those papers?”

Amelia (post-puppy therapy): “You should get a dog. You seem like a dog guy.”

Owen: “I live in a trailer.”

Amelia: “Yeah, that’s something we can talk about.”

Owen: “You don’t like my trailer?”

Amelia: “No, sure. I also like grown up houses. [Amen! Owen can afford a house, writers!]

Meredith: “He asked me out. It’s not a big deal.”

Maggie: “So you said no. (pause) You said yes?”

Meredith: “Kind of. Maybe. It’s drinks!”

Maggie: “It’s Thorpe, the military doctor. He asked her out. She said yes.”

Alex: “She said yes to buy time. She’ll blow him off later. She’ll cancel.”

Maggie: “You didn’t see this guy.”

Alex: “I don’t have to. I know Mer.”

Maggie: “I know Mer, too!”

Meredith: “I am Mer. Mer is right her. I said yes. I’m going.”

April (to Arizona): “I really don’t give a crap what you thought. I believe in this stuff so understand how much I mean it when I tell you – go to hell.”

Callie (seeing Meredith doing jumping jacks in the bathroom): “Why? “

Meredith: “Gotta wake up. Just got called into a triple organ transplant.”

Meredith (to Maggie and Alex): “I have three children at home so don’t think for a second I don’t know you two are making faces right now. Settle in!”

Alex (about Mer): “You’re gotta make her feel like she’s got an escape hatch. Or she’ll run for the hills.”

Amelia: “This is an emergency leg shave!”

Meredith:” It’s not a big deal. It’s just drinks.”

Amelia: “What are you going to wear?”

Meredith: “A sports bra and granny panties, apparently!”

Richard (to Jackson): “So you found out late. I found out decades late. What’s important is now you know. It’s happening and you need to step up. That’s what matters.”

Alex (to Meredith): “We lose people and then we find new ones. That’s how it works.”

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