The three-night, five-hour Live Playoffs of The Voice season 7 are finally at an end. Adam and Blake’s teams performed on Monday, then Gwen and Pharrell’s teams performed on Tuesday, and now it’s time to find out who’s moving on.

'The Voice' Results: The Top 12 Revealed

For each team, the two singers with the most votes will move on to the Top 12, and the coaches will get to pick one of the other three to advance as well. That’s a whole lot of results in a single hour, so let’s get to it.

This is The Voice!

Team Blake Results

The show opens with Team Blake performing Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town,” a pop song with a slightly country twang thanks to Blake’s singers. They got to sing, now it’s time to cut two.

The first singer in the Top 12 is…Reagan James!
The second singer in the Top 12 is…Craig Wayne Boyd!

They were the two best singers according to our performance rankings, both in the Top 5, so that seems right. They were also the last two members of Team Blake to perform on Monday.

Blake chooses to SAVE…Jessie Pitts!

Taylor Brashears and James David Carter are ELIMINATED!

Again, Jessie was the next highest on our rankings, so Blake chose wisely. So far, so good. And he gets rewarded when Damien gives him the pocket knife the TSA took from him.

Team Pharrell Results

First up, they get to sing “Money on My Mind” by Sam Smith. Pharrell’s team had three of the Bottom 6 performances in our rankings for the week, so this should be interesting. At least one of them will move on.

The fourth singer in the Top 12 is…Luke Wade!
The fifth singer in the Top 12 is…DaNica Shirey!

Luke was one of our top picks, but no Elyjuh? What happened to the guy who’s supposed to be the frontrunner on one of the strongest teams?

Pharrell chooses to SAVE…Sugar Joans!

Elyjuh Rene and Jean Kelley are ELIMINATED!

Wow. Elyjuh was #3 in our performance rankings (Sugar was 19th out of 20) and overwhelmingly praised by the judges, so he just got hosed. Pharrell obviously isn’t on the same wavelength as BuddyTV.

Team Gwen Results

They sing “Riptide” by Vance Joy before getting to the results. Ryan was the only member of Team Gwen to crack the Top 10 of our rankings, so this is a crapshoot.

The seventh singer in the Top 12 is…Taylor John Williams
The eighth singer in the Top 12 is…Anita Antoinette!

Getting the Pimp Spot helped Taylor, even though he was dead last on our performance rankings.

Gwen chooses to SAVE…Ryan Sill!

Bryana Salaz and Ricky Manning are ELIMINATED!

This makes Gwen the first coach to take two guys into the Top 12. But she won’t be the last since Adam only has one woman on his team.

Team Adam Results

It all comes down to Adam Levine. Three of his singers were all in our Top 6 for the performance rankings, so this choice is obvious to us.But first, they perform “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz. Thus far, I’d say Pharrell was definitely wrong, but Blake and Gwen made good decisions.

The 10th singer in the Top 12 is…Damien!
The 11th singer in the Top 12 is…Matt McAndrew!

Solid choices. For the first time, America didn’t go with a man and a woman for a team.

Adam chooses to SAVE…Chris Jamison!

Taylor Phelan and Mia Pfirrman are ELIMINATED!

Say what? He goes with the pretty boy over Mia? I guess Adam didn’t want a lady on his team.

That does it for the results, with five women and seven men moving on to the Top 12. Based on our performance rankings, the three worst performances of the week (Taylor John, Sugar and Chris) are all moving forward while our picks for the third and fourth best performances (Elyjuh and Mia) are not.  On the bright side, two out of three Taylors are gone, so there won’t be any more confusion.

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