Well, we’ve sat through two long reunion episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6. We’ve already touched on Dina’s family drama, Teresa’s jail sentence and basically anything else Jim Marchese wanted to run his mouth about. But who won the battle for the reunion? Let’s find out in part three.

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Jim vs. Everyone

Look, no one in that room, besides his wife, likes Jim. Joe Giudice claims he wasn’t even worth his energy to argue with. Joe Gorga basically says he acts like a little bitch. Teresa says that the things he’s said about her and her legal troubles this season were hurtful. Dina can barely look at his face without saying something profane. 

It’s clear even host Andy Cohen hates Jim after he asks him why he’s such a disaster on Twitter. He claims that he was defending himself from people calling his work, threatening to kill him and calling him a douchebag. Jim says he wanted to defend his woman in public and be a lightning rod. When the women say that none of the other men feel the need to do that, he asks Joe Gorga if people are calling him a “douchebag,” and he says no they aren’t because he isn’t one. Zing!

Round 1 Winner: Everyone
As we established last week, Jim Marchese really is the worst.

Jim vs. Dina

Jim really seems to have a special place in his chest where his heart used to be where he keeps his hatred for Dina. Maybe it’s because she’s a smart woman who isn’t just going to sputter in ignorance when Jim goes off on a tirade.

Several times during the evening, Jim tries to turn things around on Dina. But he especially tries to blame her for spreading the Rino/Santa rumor. He says that Dina talked about it during “four camera shoots” like it was true. Dina always has a way to shut him down, though. She tells him to “stay in his lane” and not worry about what doesn’t concern him.

The only bad thing about Dina is that she says she regrets doing this season. Which is bad news for her fans because it seems unlikely that she’ll be back for another.

Winner: Dina
Of course. Dina knows how to handle Jim.

Teresa Aprea vs. Teresa Giudice

We finally get to the meat of the “Your husband slept with your mom” rumor. Teresa A. is still mad at Teresa Giudice for repeating anything Victoria Gotti said like it had any merit. Teresa Giudice maintains that she was just telling Dina in case Amber acted unpredictably in Florida since she’d heard the rumor as well.

Teresa A.(backed by Rino) has some valid points. She says to forget about her husband, all men are pigs and would basically sleep with anyone, but for someone to say that about her 71-year-old mother is unforgivable. Her mother would never sleep with her daughter’s husband. Her argument gets derailed when she starts talking about all of the things she’s heard about Teresa Giudice that she could have brought to the show that would have hurt her family but didn’t because she’s a better person.

Teresa Giudice maintains her stance that she is not the one who started the rumor, thus Teresa A.’s anger is misguided. She says that if it isn’t true, they should just laugh it off (something that Teresa Giudice would most definitely not do if this rumor was about her). She doesn’t regret telling Dina about it because she didn’t do it with ill intentions.

It’s also a bit unclear as to what Teresa A. thinks karma is biting Teresa Giudice for. All she says is that if she keeps hurting people, she should expect to be hurt back. Teresa Giudice says that it’s absurd of her to think that she would ever try to maliciously hurt anyone (besides her sister-in-law, of course).

Winner: Teresa Giudice
While I appreciated both arguments, at the end of the day, Teresa is not responsible for that rumor.

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Bobby vs. Jim

During the season, Jim claimed that Bobby cheated on Nicole. But Bobby says that Jim only used the fact that he has a female tenant to twist a story of an affair.

Jim says the way Bobby spoke to Nicole in Florida was unacceptable and she agrees. Bobby apologizes for how it came out, but he says that he was saying it was stupid of her to take Jim’s bait, not that she herself was stupid. He also claimed that he just wanted to walk away from Jim before things escalated in Florida and that’s why he hid in a bathroom. I honestly don’t think it’s cowardly to remove yourself from a negative situation like he did. Especially when that situation includes Jim Marchese.

At the end of the day, Amber is really sad that Bobby and Jim’s 10-year friendship has come to an end. She says that’s not why they came on the show. Bobby maintains that he never did anything to hurt Jim, but it was the other way around.

Winner: Bobby
Good for him for defriending Jim and getting as far away as possible.

Overall Winner: Teresa Giudice

We can’t really pretend that this reunion, and even this season, was about anything but Teresa. Both she and Andy get emotional at the end of the reunion. She takes a moment to apologize to all of her fans for letting them down. She says she hopes to make herself a better person when all of this is done. She talks about how this is probably her last reunion, but she has high aspirations for her future. She talks about maybe one day having her own cooking show.

It is all kind of sad. And not only because her four daughters will be without their mom for over a year, but because we’ve truly seen Teresa be humbled by this experience. She’s gone from living the American dream with the mansion and the shoes and the purses and the money. And it was all a facade. It seems like an appropriate end for one of the Real Housewives‘ original reality TV stars.

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