Well, last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay gave all chefs a free pass. No one left, but did they deserve this second chance? There were mishaps galore but all dinners went out. With rock stars coming this episode, I’m sure Ramsay will expect them to do their very best.

The Team Challenge

After a relieved Red Team goes to the dorms for a serious sleep session, both teams meet in the kitchens where Ramsay has an announcement. The reward will be a day and night in Las Vegas. Ramsay plans for them to play Hell’s Kitchen craps. Each team rolls the dice and must choose an ingredient that begins with that letter. The ingredients need to work together to make a tasty dish.

The Blue team chooses cauliflower, Chilean sea bass, leeks, Mache, daikon and tomatoes. The Red Team must use potatoes, duck, limes, lemons, heirloom tomatoes and pine nuts. The Red Team seems to be hard at work trying to come up with a dish but the Blue Team has one team member trying to hoard all the ingredients.

Ramsay calls time and in true Hell’s Kitchen-style, announces that he has decided for it to be each team’s best dish going up against each other. The teams must choose their best dish to go head to head for the trip to Vegas. Of course the Blue Team refuses to even try Sade’s dish — making her one mad chef. Actually, on this season’s Hell’s Kitchen, they all are mad chefs.

Bryant’s dish will go against LaTasha’s dish. Ramsay tastes LaTasha’s dish first and finds it delicious. Bryant describes his dish and Ramsay finds it good. He declares the competition tough and awards the trip to Vegas to LaTasha. And the Red Team celebrates while the Blue Team’s Bryant sulks.The unholy trio loses again.

For their reward, the Red Team will travel by private jet to Las Vegas where a mega suite at Planet Hollywood awaits. Both Frank and Sterling thank Ramsay while the girls run to pack. The Blue Team must now face Ramsay. Sade must present her dish after the rest leave the kitchen. Ramsay declares Sade’s dish delicious and superior to LaTasha’s dish. The Blue Team gets the famous Hell’s Kitchen’s delivery day, which includes ice and a 65-pound halibut that must be prepped. And with that, the ice arrives as the Red Team departs.

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Punishment Aftermath and Preps

Steve is hurting the next morning after all the deliveries and is taken by EMTs from Hell’s Kitchen. The Blue Team starts preps one man short as the Red Team returns. Both teams work hard on preps. Ramsay enters and then leaves to talk to Steve, who has returned. Steve’s knee is swollen and he’s in pain. Ramsay doesn’t feel comfortable allowing him back in the kitchen. With that, Hell’s Kitchen’s Blue Team loses a member and the trio is now a duet. Of course, Sade isn’t sad to see Steve go.

After breaking the news that Steve is gone, Ramsay tells the chefs that they will be cooking for rock ‘n’ roll greats. The legends of rock ‘n’ roll will have chef’s tables in the kitchens and will watch every misstep the chefs make. The Red Team will be cooking for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith while the Blue Team will be preparing a meal for Stewart Copeland of The Police. Marino is told to open the kitchen.

The Dinner Service

The restaurant is full and Steak Diane is on the menu. The Red Team gets the first ticket and they quickly get the food up and out. Stewart and Steven arrive at the same time and take their seats. The Blue Team plans to take no prisoners and get a member of the Red Team out. Both teams have appetizers going out. Hey, the Blue Team is doing much better without Steve. The Red Team is also in synch except for one thing: the scallops. Steven Tyler seems to be enjoying the show though. And Ramsay calls them out for a lecture. Returning to the kitchen, the scallops seem to be sinking the Red Team until LaTasha takes command of the fish.

The Blue Team has started entrees and their first dishes are perfect. The Red Team is just now preparing Steven Tyler’s appetizers. The Red Team’s entrees though, are sunk once again by Frank on meat. I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll be up for elimination tonight. With trouble in the kitchen, Marino is facing a mutiny with the Red Team diners. As things go from bad to worse, LaTasha thinks Frank has lost it. With seven tables left, the Blue Team helps the Red Team finish their service.

Ramsay’s Judgment

Ramsay is not happy with Frank’s performance in Hell’s Kitchen and calls Frank out in front of everyone. Ramsay then tells the Red Team to come up with two for elimination. Sterling is worried about who the second nominee will be. As all head upstairs to make their decision, Ramsay calls both teams back to the kitchen. Both teams wait in shock for whatever Ramsay has on his mind.

Ramsay lines the teams up because he has made his decision. He announces that in a kitchen sometimes things happen that makes the kitchen adapt. Ramsay tells the rest of the Red Team to say good-bye to Frank. He appreciates Frank’s note but Frank is gone. Frank leaves upset and he feels he let Ramsay down. Ramsay tells the rest to do their best because at any time they could leave. With nine chefs left, all must focus.

Next time:

Sade is falling for Bryant but the feeling isn’t mutual. Both teams get aggressive in the kitchen and in the dorms. Will it be too much? And has Bollywood, Duck Dynasty or ZZ Top invaded the dining room for service? It looks to be a strange dinner service on next week’s Hell’s Kitchen.

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