Leg 10 of The Amazing Race is not for the claustrophobic. For the second Indian leg, The Amazing Race wanted to make sure every viewer knew that Indian traffic is absolute nightmare. Usually The Amazing Race tries to look the countries they visit somewhat enjoyable or enticing. The first Indian leg might have done this but the second did not even try. Leg 10 was a sweaty, horrible sprint through the crowded Indian streets. It looked like a horrible experience to endure, let alone film. Luckily, it was a lot more enjoyable to watch that it had to be to make it, if only just barely. (Spoiler alert: Logan and Chris’ constant bickering reached a fever pitch of annoyance.)

Logan and Chris: The Strongest Team (At Arguing)

On the teams’ journey to their first clue, they get some surprising news. Another U-Turn is coming and on this very leg. Justin, for some reason, wants to U-Turn Logan and Chris. He wants to help out their “friends” Kelsey and Joey and Tiffany and Krista. I’m not entirely sure when any of these four became their friends or when Logan and Chris could be deemed a threat.

You could argue that Justin is doing a somewhat altruistic thing for Logan. She is having none of Chris’ crap on the leg. Yes, she is still dating him, so if they were eliminated, she won’t be entirely rid of him. Still, she’d no longer be on contractually obligated to be with on a team with Chris on The Amazing Race. I’ve enjoyed Logan’s and Chris’ moaning in the past, but they’ve worn out their welcome. If I was racing with the continuously belly-aching Chris, I would’ve thrown him out the airlock several legs ago. 

Chris sets a world record of complaints at the beginning of this leg. He evidently got sick during the last Pit Stop. As you would imagine, “Diarrhea-and-Vomiting-Chris” is a thousand times more bitchy than “Regular Chris.” Ten minutes into the episode, Chris’s high pitched squeal of grievances is giving me a headache and I’m sure that The Amazing Race cut out at least 50% of what he actually said.

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Balloon Party

While Justin and Diana plan and Chris whines, the teams make their way to a Roadblock. The designated team member has to fill a net of balloons and transport the balloons across a bridge on a bike. Once they make it across the bridge, they get their clue and have to return. It’s fairly straightforward task, despite how much Chris complains about it. (FYI Logan is the one actually doing the Roadblock so Chris’ griping is even more baseless than usual.) The hardest part is actually navigating on the crowded and hectic Indian streets on the bike. This is a running feature of Leg 10. 

Justin and Diana are the first ones (duh) to complete the Roadblock. They follow through on their threat and U-Turn Logan and Chris. Chris’ face when he sees that he has been U-Turned is the definition of priceless. If you think this adversity would bond the couple, you would be terribly wrong. If anything they start arguing more. It all just begs the question why these two are even together in the first place. 

Party Prep to the Pit Stop

Once the teams make it to the U-Turn check-in they have to do the Detour. The teams have a choice between “Bring the Fun” or “Bring the Groom.” The “Bring the Fun” teams must bring a carnival ride to a fair and give the kids there a turn on their ride. The “Bring the Groom” teams must take a groom and hell of a lot of lights (with generator) to the same fair. The reason the teams have are going to the same location is because, that is where Phil is waiting at the Pit Stop. He’s “hiding” but he’s really not. 

Justin and Diana choose “Bring the Fun” and Kelsey and Joey choose “Bring the Groom.” Justin and Diana try to endear themselves to us by showing us much they like children. It doesn’t work. Justin and Diana come in first, again. Kelsey and Joey finish in second but Phil makes a point of telling them the just missed Justin and Diana by minutes. This does nothing to make the newscasters feel better, but nice try Keoghan.

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A Struggle for Last

Logan and Chris choose “Bring the Fun” first, before having to go back to complete “Bring the Groom” as a part of their U-Turn. They arrive to carnival shortly after Kelsey and Joey. The most amusing part of the whole endeavor is when Logan screams at Chris to stop yelling at her, so they can entice the children to get on their ride. Chris also thinks that he ends up pushing the ride too hard and it scares the children. I’m going to assume any fear the children have has more to do with the fact that Chris looks like a sweaty, super-stressed demon than his ability to push a glorified swing. 

Lest you think that Logan and Chris are completely out of this, Tiffany and Krista and Denise and James Earl are pretty far behind. Tiffany and Krista make it to the “Bring the Groom” before Logan and Chris and stay ahead of them the entire team. It’s just between the cheerful Denise and James Earl and the miserable Logan and Chris for last place.

Logan and Chris’s pessimism and utter disdain for one another is rewarded yet again. They come in fourth. They are just moments between Tiffany and Krista. Denise and James Earl don’t come in very far behind Logan and Chris but they still are in last. The mother and Son share a tearful goodbye with The Amazing Race and talk about how it has caused them to reconnect. I’m not crying, it’s just raining… in my eyes. 

The Amazing Race season 27 airs Fridays at 8pm on CBS.

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