The Top 11 was a night of upsets for The Voice. It’s true that favorites like Alisan Porter and Hannah Huston did as great as ever, but it was some of the less noteworthy contestants who had a bigger night. The maligned Paxton Ingram proved that maybe Blake Shelton wasn’t as foolish as we all assumed for keeping the young singer. Mary Sarah, also of Team Blake, had a performance that reminded The Voice fans that she has a powerhouse of a talent. It was a good night for Team Blake, in other words.

While Team Blake was thriving, other teams did not do so hot. Team Pharrell really has only one contender in Hannah Huston. Daniel Passino showed little improvement from the previous week. Team Christina’s Nick Hagelin is becoming a bore. Most surprisingly, it was Team Adam’s Shalyah Fearing who had a down night. Shalyah perhaps had her weakest performance of the season and that’s not ideal when facing elimination, even if only one person is going home. But let’s dive in and find out who that unlucky person will be who is not making the Top 10.

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Remember, this a live blog, so stay on this page and refresh every 15 minutes or so to get the latest updates on the special performances, Carson’s terribly awkward questions and the results from the eliminations.

The First Results

Is it just me or is Carson’s round of questing a little less painful that usual? It’s always uncomfortable to watch a grown-ass man look like he is having a stroke while he says the most simple words, but there’s actually a bit of insight here. It is very interesting and oddly inspiring that Laith’s previous albums are doing so well on iTunes. I can’t remember the last time (or ever) that The Voice promoted an artist’s previous records. Though, to be fair, it was more Pharrell than anyone else. I’m going to assume that the superstar producer didn’t get approval on that commercial for Laith.

I think Carson might have accidentally stumbled into a joke by calling Laith their own Beyonce. Carson probably doesn’t think it’s funny for the same reasons that I do, though. I’m just imagining Laith singing “Halo” and it’s a beautifully horrifying picture.

As for the first results, they are a mixture of the expected and the disappointing. The expected is Mary Sarah. The disappointing is Nick Hagelin. When will the terror of his never-ending falsetto end? At least this means we should see more of Bash. 

More Results 

Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam is saved and Alisan Porter from Team Christina are saved next. These are some more expected results. 

I think I might throw up the next time The Voice strokes Christina’s ego and tells her that her team is so wonderful. Honestly, at this point, Team Christina is no better or worst than any other team. Okay, maybe she is beating Pharrell, but that’s all.

Team Pharrell Take the Stage and More Saves

I don’t like this at all. It’s just messy. It’s a horrible song choice for Hannah and Daniel. Neither has the voice that matches Lenny Kravitz. I will say I enjoy that Pharrell lets Daniel and Hannah take front and center, and exists mostly as their very experienced hype man. While I might not enjoy it, at least Team Pharrell is enjoying themselves.

The next saves arrive. They are Hannah Huston from Team Pharrell and Paxton Ingram from Team Blake. So far so good, if we’re excluding Nick, America.

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Team Christina Gives Us All Nightmares 

I don’t know what’s happening here, but I’m fairly sure I’m terrified. I mean, Team Christina sounds a lot better than Team Pharrell. It wasn’t hard to pull off, but still, it is somewhat impressive, even if they are real “scream-y.” The dancers will haunt me, especially that one on the edge of the stage who is bent in half.

Contortionists are the creepiest people alive. Really, I find them more unnerving than cannibals. At least cannibals are performing a body necessity by eating. Bodies are not meant to move that way!

The Bottom Two are Revealed

The next round of saves are rolled out. Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam), Adam Wakefield (Team Blake) and Bryan Bautista (Team Christina) are saved. So it is down to Owen Danoff and Daniel Passino to compete for the Instant Save. Now let’s see who goes second and therefore will be saved.

Owen Danoff vs. Daniel Passino 

Oof. This is not a fantastic showing by Owen. Owen does get the second spot and he is on Team Adam. History says that should mean that he is safe, but he forgets the words several times in his big moment. The good moments of Owen’s performance are better than another of Daniel’s cruise boat-esque serenades. Owen’s good moments are few and far between, however. Owen doesn’t rise to the challenge.

I think Owen is set to fulfill his purpose as the Korin Bukowski of the season. Korin was saved time and again in season 9 until she forgot the words to her Instant Save song. It’s sad, but I’m pretty sure history is going to repeat itself in season 10. I’d like to have the Cheesemaster General Daniel Passino go home, but it looks like Owen’s time is up.

I wonder if Emily Keener is watching at home angry that Pharrell is fighting for Daniel in a way he totally didn’t do for her. I don’t think Pharrell even moved when Emily was up for elimination. Now he’s standing up and waving his arms like he is running for president and giving a Sunday sermon.

It’s probably negligible how much this speech helps Daniel, but I guess it does hurt. The end result is favorable. Daniel Passino is saved and Owen Danoff goes home. 

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