Nyle DiMarco gave a stunning performance of the Viennese waltz with Sharna Burgess on Monday’s switch-up episode of Dancing With the Stars, surprisingly earning him the first 10 of the season. But does he really deserve it?

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The short and sweet answer is yes. After falling out of first place last week, Nyle worked very hard to earn his place back in the leader board and, despite having to work with a new partner who had to adjust with his hearing impairment, he was able to deliver a beautiful routine that left the audience in tears– which doesn’t happen that often.

In my opinion, the dance was breathtaking and bursting with more than enough chemistry that I’d wish Nyle and Shana were initially paired together. Maks called Nyle’s performance “mind boggling” and “amazing” while Carrie Ann realizes that he has an advantage because he’s been telling stories with his body his whole life.  With all the judges gushing about Nyle’s performance, it’s easy to see why Nyle had the best dance of the night.

Though the scores were a bit messed up (Nyle got three 10 paddles, including one from Len, but only earned a total of 37), Nyle still rightfully got the first 10 of the season which is already quite a feat.

And while history proves that earning the first 10 of the season doesn’t guarantee your chances of winning the mirror ball trophy, it will likely take Nyle very far in the competition. 

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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Dean Bextor

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