We’re down to the final five contestants of Project Runway All Stars. While some of the projected front-runners are still around (specifically Dom and Kini), everyone else has proven themselves as well. It’s going to be a tough race to the finish. Let’s see who’s cut next.

Designing Art

The designers go to the Agora Gallery to meet with Alyssa. She tells them that for this challenge they’ll have to make an avant-garde look that’s wearable art inspired by the art in the gallery. They’ll have an opportunity to talk to the artists, be given $400 for materials and two days to finish their garments.

Alyssa also tells them that music icon Boy George will be judging this week. Emily is excited because she loved him as a teenager and Kini says he always wanted to be him.

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Ken is out of his element because he’s considers himself a ready-to-wear designer. He’s inspired by a painting of a woman and the artist talks about empowering women to own their beauty. He’s also excited because he didn’t make it to the avant-garde challenge in his season. He also has some shade to throw Sam’s way. He says that he’s a threat not because of his talent as a designer, but because of his flirty relationship with the judges.

He found a beautiful (expensive) black fabric at Mood. He’s making a dress that is an illusion of a cage and his model is a bird trying to escape. He’s making a neck piece and collar that will mask her face.

Emily chose a piece by the same artist as Ken. It’s called “warrior spirit” and she feels like that encapsulates her as a designer and as a woman. She’s making a black dress with pink and blue strips of fabric that she’s weaving to make it look like a sweater. Zanna likes the dress but worries that it’s not out of the box enough.

Kini feels pressure to do well in this challenge because he’s excelled in avant-garde challenges in the past. He’s making a dress for the queen in his painting with a huge exaggerated bow and an upside-down triangle for a skirt. Unfortunately he’s picked out a hideous pink and black floral brocade. He’s also planning on completely hooding his model’s face in black. Like Ken, he has plenty to say about Sam too. He says he’s the weakest designer and will be the next to go. (It’s kind of sad how much Kini and Ken are focused on Sam. If he is really a bad designer, he’ll get himself eliminated. It’s not in their control and they’re just being petty and gossipy by talking so negatively behind his back.)

Speaking of Sam, he’s influenced by a digitally taxidermy owl. But he takes it in a completely different direction. He says that he’s inspired by a moment frozen in time. The moment he wants to freeze is the legalization of gay marriage so he hand paints a rainbow dress. Zanna tells him that she’s worried about his direction and that the rainbow dress is pure cliche. He tries to re-work it by draping some purple chiffon over the rainbow.

Dom is inspired by a mosaic piece that’s made completely of metro cards. She likes how he mixed the cards to make a completely new piece just like how she does with prints. She’s making a mosaic printed dress with sculptural pieces around the neck, shoulder and arms. Everything is going to be edged and boned with another print. Zanna thinks it’s a gorgeous dress but challenges her to push herself even further.

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Walking Art

It’s the normal judges this week: Alyssa, Isaac and Georgina. And of course Boy George!


Kini: Georgina likes the idea that his model is covered because it gives it a better edge. Isaac says it’s so pretty but the body suit is too bizarre. Alyssa says the hood made her uncomfortable, but that’s a good thing.

Dom: Georgina loves how the jacket moves and it’s a beautiful dress underneath. Isaac thinks the dress is great but as avant-garde, it’s a let down. Boy George agrees; it’s too pretty. Alyssa says it’s not forward-thinking but the dress is a piece of art.

Ken: Boy George says that it’s pure Grace Jones. Isaac says it speaks to him on an emotional level. Georgina says he’s honed in on his craft and given them a powerful image. Alyssa thinks it was cut so beautifully.


Emily: Georgina says it’s definitely an attractive piece but it’s not avant-garde enough. Isaac would have liked the dress a lot better without the cables and Boy George says it would have been better in all black. Alyssa says it’s too wearable to be avant-garde.

Sam: Boy George loves the way he explained his dress, but the dress doesn’t make much of a statement. Isaac says that this is his favorite dress on the runway. He thinks the shape is lovely but it just seems like a beginning of an idea and not followed through. Alyssa says it looks like a kite caught in a tree which is actually what Isaac says he likes about it.

Backstage, Ken takes a moment confront to Sam. He says he’s seen him drape and hand-tack things when the rest of them are busting their asses. He accuses him of not wanting it and not working as hard.

Sam doesn’t give Ken a reaction. He says he really wants to be here and he works just as hard as everyone else. He says he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him and he doesn’t think that there’s anything he can say or do to change Ken’s opinion.


Kini, Dom and Ken are all in the top this week. But it’s Ken’s extravagant collar that gives him the edge and the win.

Alyssa tells Sam and Emily that they’re both talented designers but only one of them can stay. Emily’s eliminated and she’s pretty bummed to have been cut in front of Boy George. She is okay to be going home after designing something she loved though.

It’s like poor Sam is doing a walk of shame when he meets his fellow designers backstage. Ken says it’s B.S. that Sam is still there and again, Sam says that he doesn’t care what he thinks.

Next episode: The final four duke it out for a spot in the finale. And it’s the return of Nina Garcia.

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