Hey America! Did you get your Voice votes in? I sure hope so, because last night, the top two from each team sang their hearts and throats out for you. Tonight, we find out which single performer from each team will make the Voice Final Four.

It’s a stacked competition, and the judges are even more in love with and attached to their team members than we are, so watching four of The Voice‘s strongest, err, voices tonight is sure to be rough on everybody. As I said today in my performance rankings, my prediction/hope for the final four is Beverly (Team Xtina), Vicci (Team Cee Lo), Dia (Team Blake) and Javier (Team Adam), but I could honestly see any of their teammates moving on instead. I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone! (This is like the opposite of how I feel about Bachelor eliminations.) What about you?

Share your own predictions and hopes for tonight as we await the results out of the mouth of Carson Daly, liiiiive!

Carson totally kills the transition from Obama’s press conference: “If The Voice was going to be delayed for someone, it should be the President.” Then he tells us that last night, Dia and Javier’s performances hit Top 5 on iTunes sales, while Beverly went #1 on the rock chart. Does that mean they’re shoo-ins for our final four?

Final 8 Performance: “Freedom” by George Michael

The top eight are in a line singing with bursts of fire exploding behind them. Their coaches look on, proudly clapping and pumping their fists in the air.

Cee Lo is wearing a pink-ruffled tuxedo shirt for this fancy occasion, while Xtina is dressed up like stripper dressed up like a bar wench dressed up like Christina Aguilera. “All we have to do! Is take these lies! And make them true!” the contestants plead. It’s going to be a great episode.

Last Night on The Voice: Carson recaps last night’s eliminations and performances. Hey! I already did that! Then we check in with Alison Haislip because apparently NBC lost a bet to Twitter and now they have to find every opportunity to say “Twitter,” “tweet” and “trending.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARSON DALY: Carson Daly just non-subtly told us that it is his birthday. Happy birthday, Carson Daly! 38 years boring young! More like Carson Yearly, am I right? (Save your comments. Fully aware that doesn’t even make sense.)


TEAM CEE LO: Nakia vs. Vicci Martinez

First, Nakia thanks his boyfriend for supporting his dream. Awwww! Then, Vicci almost cries as she thanks her mom for everything. Then Cee recites a speech for his team, which includes ‘The two brightest stars in the sky,” “the revolution is being televised” and “Red ’til I’m dead.”

Nakia: 51 points
Vicci: 49 points

Cee Lo says he only gave a 1% difference because he couldn’t hear Vicci’s performance as well, but if he could go back, he’d split his vote 50/50. And now, the elimination…


Yes! I’m so excited to see Vicci move on. And so is she: “I’m having heart palpitations!” she says.

Performance: Cee Lo sings his new single, “Bright Lights, Bigger City”
Cee Lo is going for a jazz era vibe in his performance, and it’s spectacular, obviously. He’s wearing a gleaming white suit, a short black wavy wig, and there are bubbles everywhere!

Carson’s Words vs. Tone Moment of the Week: “Aw, that was fun,” about Cee Lo’s performance, said like he just broke up with somebody.

Adam performs his new song with Gym Class Heroes, “Stereo Hearts,” for Team Adam: It happened. It was fun for them. 


TEAM ADAM: Casey Weston vs. Javier Colon

Casey thanks Adam and says the experience has been a blessing. Javier sheds a tear as he thanks Adam and his family.

Casey: 35 points
Adam: 65 points

Adam explains that he scored Javier higher because Casey is young and has a huge career ahead of her, and he feels strongly that he has to advance Javier, because he’s had so many chances and he just needs Javier to see this one until the end. “Casey, you’re going to be fine. You’re going to have the most amazing life in music. This is a competition I don’t think I could win.” I respect Adam’s honesty — he’s starting to edge out Blake as my favorite coach because he talks to his team without patronizing or sugar-coating the truth, and I’d respect him as a coach for that.


Not a surprise, but no less exciting — Javier’s still my #1 so I’m happy to see you agree with me, my fellow ‘merikuns.

Blake takes his team to Cincinnati to perform with him: Blake gave Dia and Xenia guitars. Then he gave them a meeting with Brad Paisley. Then he gave them the chance to play “Honey Bee” with him in front of a bunch of people. It’s like Christmas morning for Team Blake!


TEAM BLAKE: Dia Frampton vs. Xenia

Carson says we’ve watched Xenia “grow up on national television,” which sounds like a Truman Show nightmare, but Xenia is grateful, especially to Blake. Dia says everyone is amazing and then starts crying.

Dia: 50 points
Xenia: 50 points

You can’t ask a father to pick his favorite child! And that’s basically what they asked him to do. “I don’t feel like I can win or lose with either one of them. I love ’em, both of ’em. You can’t put a score, you can’t put a number on that.” OOooOOoooOookay, Blake is back to being my absolute favorite. What a doll.


Yay, Dia! That was a close vote, too — Xenia should be proud. So far we are three for three in terms of the contestants I hoped would move on, but they were also the three most expected. Now it’s time for the toughest stand-off of the evening between the members of Team Xtina.

TEAM XTINA: Frenchie Davis vs. Beverly McClellan

Beverly says she loves Frenchie with all her heart, “for real.” Frenchie is thankful to have the opportunity to share her voice with the world. Xtina is sick to her stomach just looking at them. In a good way. She can “feel the love in the room” and stays awake at night thinking about them. Not in that way. And tonight is like kindergarten: There are no winners and losers.

Frenchie: 50 points
Beverly: 50 points

Xtina went the motherly route last night as well, except she thinks of Frenchie and Bev as apples and oranges, and she wanted America to make this decision.

During commercial, I bet Adam Levine just cursed out the other three coaches for making him look like a dick. “I’m the ONLY ONE who didn’t go FIFTY-FIFTY? Are you f***ing KIDDING ME right now, you guys?” That’s what I bet he said. And then Cee Lo was like, “I gave Nakia one more point…” and Adam was all, “THAT DOESN’T F***ING COUNT, DUDE,” and then he stormed off to the bathroom. (Did I just write the first Voice fan-fiction?)

Yaaaaay! Beverly looks sick to her stomach, and Frenchie looks gracious as ever. That was another close vote.

Carson tells us what will happen next week: On Tuesday, Dia, Javier, Vicci and Beverly will each perform original songs (original songs, right? I heard that right, right?) and duets with their coaches. Our votes, and our votes ALONE, will determine which of them will be crowned THE VOICE on next Wednesday’s results show, winning $100,000, a recording contract, and their choice of one of the Voice coaches as a sexual partner. Except that last thing.

So, to recap: Our final four!

TEAM ADAM: Javier Colon
TEAM XTINA: Beverly McClellan
TEAM BLAKE: Dia Frampton
TEAM CEE LO: Vicci Martinez

What do you think?

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