Here are this week’s batch of Bachelorette deleted scenes. One of them sheds a little more light on how the inside of Ames’ head is feeling after last night’s nasty Thai boxing “date.”

The other two explain why Ashley abruptly sent Ben C. packing on the two-on-one date: Not only was their final conversation too “negative,” but the dude never stops playing the piano. Shirtless! It also sounds like maybe William wasn’t totally making up that stuff about Ben looking forward to the online dating scene back home. Can’t Bachelorette Ashley ever catch a break? Won’t just one of these guys give in and fall truly, madly, deeply in love with her? With dates like next week’s Dragon Boat Races, which will pair the men up into teams of two for the day, it’s just so impossible* to see why they’d feel closer to each other than to Ashley.

*Sarcasm. And lots of it.

Now watch those clips!

Deleted Scene: Ames gets a house call. “Thinking is very difficult.” If the typical Bachelorette contestant said that, I’d think nothing of it. But when that contestant is a Yale/Harvard/Columbia grad like Ames, it means those multiple punches to the head did some real damage. Poor Ames! Oh, and be warned: This video is about as interesting as actually going to the doctor.

Diaries of the Departed: Ben C. and Nick. Ben says he was just joking about how he wasn’t into Ashley and wanted to go home and online date. Except maybe he wasn’t joking, because he wasn’t that into her anyway. Meanwhile, Wallpaper Beefcake Nick is heartbroken. And, notably, no William. I guess he said all he needed to say during the episode.

Bachelorette Uncensored: Ben Sings. They should probably stop calling these videos “uncensored” if they’re going to keep censoring them. These Bachelorette boys love to curse, especially Ben C. Folds over here.

For my international friends, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much in the videos this week. Ames has a headache, and the best part of Ben’s song went like this: “Lucas is coming out of his shell / What can you say, the kid is funny as hell … I’m happy the Bachelorette is Ashley / Even though she’s four feel tall / It’s kind of cute.” See? Didn’t miss much. Unless you missed the recap!

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