Tonight on The Voice, we enter the final two weeks of the competition, as two performers from Team Cee Lo and two from Team Adam move on thanks to the audience save and the coach save. Then, the final two from all the teams will sing. And tomorrow night, we’ll get our first of two final hour-long results shows. Tomorrow, we’ll find out which of tonight’s performers will make the cut for the final 4.

Are you confused yet? I hope not. Just let the soothing, monotone voice of Carson Daly ease you through the changes, and my silly commentary blow your mind with its hidden profundity (haha, just kidding, let’s make fun of Xtina and Cee Lo’s outfits together!) starting … NOW:

Also tonight: Blake Shelton will perform his new single, “Honey Bee,” and Adam and Xtina will perform THEIR new single, “Moves Like Jagger.” And hey, not that you would be, but if you’re ever bored, why not take our brand-new “Which Voice Coach Are You?” personality quiz. I made the quiz and I still surprised myself by getting Adam. What about you?


It’s time for two from Team Cee Lo to say goodbye. I’m predicting Curtis and Tori & Taylor will be out, but you never know with Cee Lo. Let’s see what happens.

AUDIENCE SAVE: Vicci Martinez!

So happy to know I’m not the only one out there who loves Vicci. She’s been so solid from day one. And Cee Lo agrees.

CEE LO’S SAVE: Cee Lo tries to soften the blow with a rambling speech but in the end, he chooses to save… NAKIA. Yes! I am starting to like this audience/coach combo — justice has been served.

And now it’s Team Adam’s turn.

AUDIENCE SAVE: Javier Colon!

America! You guys! You’re making me proud. Way to go, America. Have an ice cream tonight. You earned it.

ADAM’S SAVE: Adam is very bummed out to have to say goodbye to two of his performers and, granted, he’s got arguably the toughest choice tonight between Casey Weston and Jeff Jenkins. (Sorry, Devon.) Adam loves each one of them so very, very much, but in the end he has to save… CASEY WESTON. And, in a shocking elimination, America’s cuddly sweetheart, Jeff Jenkins, has been eliminated! Casey is excited to have a second chance, and I hope she really pulls out all the stops tonight, because now she’s up against Javier, arguably the show’s heaviest of heavyweights.

What do you think of tonight’s eliminations? Are you clapping your hands or making offensive gestures with ’em?


We’re back, and now it’s time for the 8 semi-finalists to perform. Our votes, plus the coaches’ input (they’re giving scores now), will determine which four of them will move on after tomorrow’s results show.

Hold the phone. First, let’s look at Xtina’s mad, mad, MAD ensemble this evening:

xtina-hair-voice9.jpgThat, my friends, is a hair turban. Brilliant!

Frenchie Davis, “Like a Prayer”

frenchie-week9.jpgFrenchie, atop a staircase like Frankie Avalon in Grease, is surrounded by crazy dancers in white robes as she starts her rendition of Madonna’s seminal hit, and it’s a little bit disco but a whole lot of fun. She kind of goes her own way with the notes, but it works somehow — probably because her voice is just that rich. I like the gospel runs she added at the end.

The coaches say…
Cee Lo says Frenchie is always perfect. Adam says she had command over the song, and it was in her wheelhouse. Blake says the performance was a big middle-finger to anyone who questioned Xtina’s choice last week, because she nailed it. Xtina is impressed with all the lungs and power that performance took, and she loves Frenchie to death.

To vote for Frenchie: 1-855-VOICE-01. I’m posting the phone numbers now, because you’ve only got until tomorrow morning to vote. As usual, you can also vote with your money on iTunes or on the NBC website.

Nakia, “What Do You Want From Me?”

nakia-week9-whatdoyouwant.jpgNakia was initially not havin’ it with the Adam Lambert song, but Cee Lo drops a knowledge bomb: “There’s a fine line between comfort and complacency.” But once he starts rehearsing, the song hits home for him, and he’s ready to show the world he can win this thing! For the performance, Nakia’s at the piano in a white suit, and he’s working it. Half way through, he kicks the bench out from under himself and struts around like a boss. You can really sense his passion — he was there all the way through.

The coaches say…
Adam loves Nakia’s power, and he thinks he sang it better than “the person who sang it originally.” (Do Adam and Adam have some beef? I can’t believe he doesn’t know Lambert. They have so much (leather) in common…) Blake says that was an award-show level performance… except that it was in tune. Xtina loves how entertaining Nakia is. He kicked that bench back with authority! Cee Lo says Nakia is going to be the “next big star,” and what does he want from Nakia? “I want you to WIN.” Cee Lo is getting fiesty now!

To vote for Nakia: 1-855-VOICE-02

Carson says “emotions are intense and the stakes are high” like he’s reading from a phone book.

Dia Frampton, “Losing My Religion”

dia-losingmyreligion.jpgDia’s traded her piano for the guitar, and she’s ready to “give back” to America for saving her last week. And Blake is still head over heels for her unique rendition of this R.E.M. song in rehearsals. Practice seems to be making perfect for Dia. From second one, her performance starts out so beautifully. She has definite Regina Spektor qualities, don’t you think? She leads the audience in a clap as she intones the song with soft emotion and bursts of power like a pro. Hell, she IS a pro. I am a fan!

The coaches say…
Xtina thinks Dia’s growth is surprising and interesting. She thinks Dia has shown the most growth of all the artists. Cee Lo respects Dia’s creative control over the song, and he is impressed by how inventive she is. Adam thought it was atypical and awesome, and he’s a fan of what she does. Blake says, “This show just did what it is supposed to do. A girl stood out here on this stage and left her heart and soul laying there on the stage. That’s your job, and you do it every time.” Blake loves Dia! (Not in THAT way. No worries, Miranda.)

To vote for Dia: 1-855-VOICE-03

Casey Weston, “I Will Always Love You”

caseyweston-alwaysloveyou.jpgWell this is a loaded gun of a song. It’s so iconic that whether she sings it like Whitney or not, that’s what we’ll all be comparing it to. I’m not crazy about the way she starts the song in a lower register — it’s a bit mumbly. But where some songs are like sprints from start to finish, this one is a marathon, and the end is the part everyone remembers. Unfortunately, the end is disappointing too. It’s soft and pretty, but personally, I found it too safe and understated. I feel like we were waiting for a vocal explosion that never happened. Casey looks gorgeous, though.

The coaches say…
Blake says Casey blows him away every time, and he’d like it if they could talk about how hot she is. Adam thinks Casey is amazing and he loves that she had her own say in how to sing the song.

To vote for Casey: 1-855-VOICE-04

INTERMISSION: Maroon 5 perform “Moves Like Jagger”
There’s whistling. Adam says he’s “naked,” but he’s not, to all the ladies’ disappointment. How do you guys think Mick Jagger feels about getting namedropped for his hotness (Ke$ha…) and dance moves even though he’s almost a million years old? I bet it’s weird, but awesome. You know what else is weird but awesome? That nightshirt that Xtina is wearing on stage with “BOYS” on it in size-700 font. Carson says “Give it up for Adam and Christina, who clearly like each other,” sarcastically. I like him again!

Beverly McClellan, “The Thrill is Gone”

beverly-thrillisgone.jpgBeverly is dressed like a Shakespearean apothecary, and she’s about to diagnose us with a case of the blues. (Sorry. Genuinely sorry.) I know not all of you are as in love with Beverly as I am, but can you really argue that she’s not a stone-cold pro in this performance? She grabs this song by the jugular and just sells it. I loved it and I love her.

The coaches say…
Cee Lo calls her “killer B,” and he loves her every action and inflection and how she would never compromise herself. Xtina says Beverly makes her happy she signed on to be on this show. She loves how she broke it down tonight with the blues and soul.

To vote for Beverly: 1-855-VOICE-05

Javier Colon, “Fix You”

javier-fixyou-baldhead.jpgJavier’s heart has been broken before by the music ‘biz, so he’s feeling a little guarded, even though his song was #11 on iTunes this week. Adam advises Javier to stay true to grounding melody of the song, but then do his thing. Javier definitely has a gift for taking a sentimental staple and making it new. It’s exciting to see him go for something with rougher edges, though. His voice can not only compete with, but outshine the guitars and drums as the song reaches its climax. I dunno, America — if you’re not already head over heels for this guy (which I think you are), you may never be, because he’s been consistently amazing. Tonight, he gets so into it that he takes off his hat!

The coaches say…
Blake is “so pissed off” he wasn’t there to catch Javier’s hat, because he’s a big ol’ fangirl. Xtina is still waiting for a soulful record from Javier, but as always, he was amazing. Cee Lo loves the song choice (then he name drops “Chris and Gwyneth”) and is impressed, once again. Adam loves Javier’s beautiful head, and thinks he’s the real deal. “You have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Ever.”

To vote for Javier: 1-855-VOICE-06

Intermission #2: Blake Shelton sings “Honey Bee”
Blake Shelton wants to be my Conway Twitty, my sweet ice cream and my strong and steady. I have to say I have no problem with that. Dia and Xenia join him on stage, because Blake is the anti-diva of this coaches’ circle.

Xenia, “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

xenia-cantbemovied.jpgXenia still hasn’t quite come out of her shell, which — can you blame her? She’s a baby. But her voice is so mature, and Blake is doing everything he can to ensure Xenia she’s the greatest thing he’s ever heard. This is a good song choice for her, though it gets a little sharp at certain moments. Still her voice is just as luxurious as ever and she’s really learning how to bring the emotional element out in her performances.

The coaches say…
Adam loves Xenia’s unique tone and thinks she always sounds good, even though the song was sleepy. Xtina thinks Xenia’s maturity is amazing and she’s one of Xtina’s favorites in the competition. Cee Lo thinks Xenia is “quaint” in a good way. Blake thinks it’s so gratifying to know that he will someday hear Xenia’s voice on the radio, and he’s glad to know her now. Awwww.

To vote for Xenia: 1-855-VOICE-07

FINAL PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT: Vicci Martinez, “Dog Days Are Over”

vicci-dogdays.jpgI’m excited for Vicci to reclaim this song from the ugly grips of that stupid Eat, Pray, Love trailer. Vicci is connecting to the song in the memory of her late father. And she is looking HAWT in a sparkly white tank top, white pants and a unicorn bouffant. (That’s what I call it when it’s at the front and super high.) And she’s beating those drums like there’s no tomorrow — which there might not be, if she doesn’t get our votes. The performance feels a little breathless and manic, but I don’t mean either of those in a bad way. More in an exuberant sense. A powerful, no-holds-barred sense. Vicci was working out some stuff up there! A fitting way to close out the evening. 

The coaches say…
Adam thinks it was the coolest performance of the night. Blake thinks it was the most powerful performance of the nght. Xtina says it was great, and she loved it. Cee Lo says Vicci’s future is so bright, and he loves her warrior spirit.

To vote for Vicci: 1-855-VOICE-08

COACHES VOTE: Each coach has 100 points to divide between his/her two performers. Those percentages will combine with our votes to determine which four performers will go on to represent the four teams in the finals. It just occurred to me that there’s probably a Hogwarts House analogy to be made here. 10 points for Gryffindor! (I don’t know who would be Gryffindor. Maybe Cee Lo? Blake is totally Hufflepuff. I’m going to shut up now.)

And that’s it for tonight. Don’t forget to vote and then join me back here at 8pm (EST, after Obama’s announcement) to find out who’s moving on to the finals. I honestly have no idea who will or should go home — I have so many favorites! Who are you pulling for?

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