Now that Chris Soules has picked his woman and dropped to one knee, it’s on to the time-honored Bachelor tradition of tossing them on a couch and peppering them with questions on live TV about how things are going.

Are they still together and in love? Have they set a date? Will Chris be putting on two left shoes in the near future? How is Becca feeling after witnessing her pseudo-rejection? Who is the next Bachelorette (Jade Jade Jade, please Jade)? And are any of these other lunatics going to make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise this summer (Ashley S. Ashley S. Ashley S., please Ashley S.)?

We can ask questions all day. So let’s get some answers.

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After the Final Rose

First out on the hot seat is the Soules Man himself, and he’s all smiles. Whitney is the perfect person for him, and he’s so excited to finally be out in public. As for Becca, their relationship was real and he was falling in love, but he spent the whole time looking for something that wasn’t there. Sure, there are what-ifs if he had gotten that affirmation back, but he’s more excited about moving forward with how things turned out.

Whitney has only been watching her dates with Chris to spare herself any unnecessary hurt, but before we get to her, Becca is in the house. They haven’t spoken since that fateful day in the barn, and they embrace before she joins him on the couch.

It was harder for her to watch than she anticipated, but their body language doesn’t strike me as being full of unfulfilled desires. I think they’re both happy with how things turned out, and the conversation is one of friendship and not of potential lovers. It makes for a not-very-entertaining reunion because they were both so honest all along anyway, so there are no unanswered questions. The fireworks were all contained in the “Women Tell All,” and people just agreeing with each other is like watching paint dry. But she’s still never been in love.

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Out Comes the Baby Maker

Whitney runs out looking all super hot, and they embrace for their first public kisses as an engaged couple. She bounces up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise on Oprah, and she proclaims herself to be the happiest woman on the planet. 

She, too, is excited for the secret to be out in the open, and they praise each other for a bit before the conversation turns to Chris’ family and how easy it was for them to recognize that Whitney was the obvious choice. 

As for her decision to not watch the season, she lived it and doesn’t want to see him with other women. So no need to tune in, but she doesn’t live in a bubble and has heard things. She feels confident in what they have, and that’s enough for her.

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What Does the Future Hold?

Whitney has plans to move to Arlington in the future, but for now, it’s just about finding normalcy. Then we’re treated to a video of Chris’ tearful parents joining the couple in the barn immediately after the proposal, and they are over the moon with happiness. Now it’s time to get started on making that giant family they both want.

Before we cut to commercial, Ashley S. more or less confirms that she will, in fact, be a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Chris asks for an answer to the question he posed during the tell all, and she responds, “I suppose I might be there.” About as good as it’s going to get.

Back to Whitney, she knew when she signed up that Iowa was part of the package, and it’s important to her because it’s important to Chris. She’s also been breaking the rules a little by sneaking off to Podunk to spend time with the family.

Before they go, fill-in host and date accompany-man Jimmy Kimmel makes three a crowd for some jokes and to confirm that they are regularly making love and that Becca just wasn’t into Chris. He then presents them with a cow named Juan Pablo as an engagement gift.

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A Bachelorette Surprise

With the happy couple on their way, all that’s left is one big announcement. A new season of The Bachelorette is around the corner in just a few months time, so who’s it going to be? The truth, Chris Harrison says, is that they had a difficult time deciding between Britt and Kaitlyn, with America and the production brass equally divided. What about Jade? Why not Jade? Man, that Playboy really does come back to haunt her.

Chris Harrison polls the audience, which cheers a bit more for Kaitlyn, but it’s close enough. So rather than choose one, they made a decision not to decide. So for the first time in Bachelorette history, there will be two Bachelorettes. Both Kaitlyn and Britt will be competing for the love of 25 men, and this should be interesting.

They walk out in similarly shiny dresses and greet Chris Harrison, both grateful for the opportunity (though Kaitlyn says her initial response was that it was “less than ideal”). But like us, neither of them has any idea how this is going to work. Even Chris is having difficulty processing the whole thing. 

I’m clueless as to how it will all turn out or even be structured, but it will certainly be fun to watch. What are your thoughts on dueling Bachelorettes? Intriguing? Or destined to be a train wreck? We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

So season 19 of The Bachelor is officially in the books, with a happy couple and a proposal, and I again want to thank everyone for reading. It’s my pleasure to write for you and go through the journey together, and I hope to see you all back in May to do it all over again. In very, very strange fashion.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 18 on ABC.

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