Amsterdam provided the stage for some major drama between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Kim claimed to have dirt on Lisa’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin, which led to Lisa throwing a wine glass at Kim. So why did Lisa lose her cool and what exactly did Harry do? 

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In her Bravo Blog, Lisa explains that she is fiercely protective of her marriage and family, and she won’t tolerate people making false rumors about her husband.

“I think it’s plain to see that Kim crossed the line,” Lisa wrote on her blog. “That was my ‘DO NOT F— WITH ME’ moment. You have just met my inner gangster! I’m just glad that I didn’t strangle her on the spot, mainly because I hear the food in jail sucks and orange is not my best color! The crazy part is Kim has met HH once. One time. And that was the night of the poker party when she had taken one or two or 20 of Monty’s pain pills, so who knows what on earth was going through her mind when she met him or during that car ride from hell.”

“Look, I own the fact that I allowed myself to be provoked, and it was uncool to break a glass in the restaurant. It was not one of my finest moments, but there’s only so much my inner gangster can take before she goes postal,” she admitted.

Meanwhile, Harry Hamlin quickly came to Lisa’s defense.  “She and I would equally defend each other’s honor,” he told Us Weekly. “I was actually proud of her. I mean, look — you are getting your back up against a wall with something like that. What do you expect you know in the long run? But every time I see it, I go, ‘You go girl!'”

As for whatever dirt Kim has on Hamlin, he claims he would like to know about it as well.

“There is a hashtag #WhatDidHarryDo? out there so maybe someone will tell me at some point, and I hope it was good,” he said.

What do you think is Kim trying to expose about Harry?

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