Tonight is the night, folks! We find out which three contestants will be moving on to the finals in season 6 of The Voice

If the decision was based solely on last night’s performances (and didn’t take into account fan voting), I would say that Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie, and Jake Worthington are advancing.

But with America calling the shots, it’s anybody’s game! And that makes this episode of The Voice all the more suspenseful!

Who will earn the right to compete for the title? Will Christina’s risky song choice backfire? Will Kat slide into the finals as country fans split the votes for Jake and Kristen?

Keep reading The Voice live blog to find out!

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Carson reminds us that the third singer moving on tonight will do so via the final Instant Save of the season. Get your tweeting fingers ready!

Rascall Flatts (“Rewind”)

Rascall Flatts performs their song “Rewind.” I’m digging it. This show has totally got me liking country music.

The Results, Part 1

We learn that among last night’s performances, one artist had the top spot on the rock chart, another had the top spot on the country chart and three artists got into the Top 10 Singles on iTunes.

The first contestant safe is … Jake Worthington from Team Blake! 

I’m surprised that he was the first one announced, because he was the wild card (in my opinion). I thought that the definite finalists were Josh and Christina. Now I’m not so sure about Christina.

Adam still believes in his risky song choices for Kat and Christina last night. Shakira (duh) feels that Kristen deserves to be in the finals, and Usher wants Josh to be his ticket to removing Adam and Blake from the winner’s circle.

Jacquie Lee (“Broken Ones”)

I like Jacquie’s voice and this song. All performances should be done in this stripped-down style without backup singers for the majority of the song. 

Jacquie says her life has been crazy since The Voice, but a good crazy. She will be on the upcoming Voice Tour. (Why does Carson insist on turning the word “tour” into a two syllable word? He pronounces it like it rhymes with “sewer.” So annoying!)

Will Champlin (“Eye of the Pyramid”)

I can’t get into this song. It’s too all over the place. Also, Will’s sequined tank is distracting.

Okay, the song grew on me by the end. I liked the high notes. Awww, Will seems cute and nice. He’s so nervous talking to Carson!

The Results, Part 2

And the next contestant who is safe is … Josh Kaufman from Team Usher! No shocker there.

So it looks like America will be deciding which of the ladies goes to the finals. My vote goes to Christina, but I know that Kat and Kristen both have strong followings.

Scratch that last thing I wrote. A quick check of Twitter followers shows that Christina has 500,000 followers, while Kat and Kristen each have around 50,000. Seems to me that this in the bag for Christina. I certainly hope so!

Tessanne Chin (“Everything Reminds Me of You”)

I didn’t watch The Voice last season, but I can certainly see why this chick won. Her voice is incredible. Was she this good when she won? I think she would beat all this season’s contestants, too.

Time for the ladies to perform what could be their last songs to try to get America to save them with the Instant Save.

Kristen Merlin (“Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood)

Kristen looks so happy and at home on stage. She has grown so much this season. I have to admit, I would be okay if she advanced. 

Her voice is strong and on-key for this performance. She nails it.

Blake says he’s pulling for Kristen. Shakira wants America to save Kristen because she is a storyteller who emotes with her recognizable voice (in a nutshell).

Kat Perkins (“Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood)

I’m confused. Do they all have to sing Carrie Underwood songs for these performances? 

This is actually my favorite Kat Perkins performance this entire season. She rocks out like a vicious cat, says Usher.

Adam tells America that Kat will dig herself out of a hole for the third time to be in the finals.

Christina Grimmie (“Apologize” by OneRepublic)

America, listen up. If you don’t vote Christina into the finals, it will be too late to apologize to me. Christina does a great job with the song, but we already know she is a talented singer. Let’s get to the voting!

Did Carson really just say that she is “singing for her life”? She’s not dying, she’s trying to win a game show. Adam tells the audience that if Christina makes it to the finals, she will win it all. Wow, wonder how Kat feels hearing that from her coach?

Instant Save

Christina looks extremely nervous, while Kristen and Kat are just chilling onstage. Probably because they know they are going home.

America has saved … Christina Grimmie from Team Adam! 

Sorry, Kat and Kristen. You put up a good fight.

That means that Adam, Blake and Usher each have a shot at winning this season, with Christina, Jake and Josh competing in the finals.

The Voice finals airs next Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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Lindsay Podolak

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