After a two-hour opening of the Battle Rounds, The Voice is pairing things down. It’s only an hour-long installment in the second night of the Battles. Some fans might not see less of The Voice as a good thing. It does make for a much more enjoyable episode as things are kept lean, mean and musical. Mostly important, a shorter run time means less Carson and that’s something we can always be grateful to experience.

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Keith Semple vs. Manny Cabo (“Baba O’Riley”)

Team Adam starts off the night with two rock artists dueling over a classic The Who song. Going into the battle, Manny seems like the clear favorite. He got all four chairs to turn in the audition, he has the more “traditional” rock voice and swagger, and Adam was clearly impressed by his bald head. Keith and his “unique” voice shouldn’t stand a chance. The Voice has long used “unique” as their version of “she’s not pretty, but she’s got a great personality.”

In my mind, though, Keith trounces Manny. Manny definitely has that power and polish, but Keith really captures the energy and spirit of the song. The other coaches seem evenly split between the two men and so does Adam. Adam does end up going with Keith. Manny, somewhat unfortunately, doesn’t get stolen by any other team. Though, if The Voice doesn’t work out for Keith, he should totally form a rock band with Manny.

Result: Adam chooses Keith 

Krista Hughes vs. Chris Crump (“When I Get Where I’m Going”) 

Before this battle begins, it really seems that Blake is sacrificing Chris at the altar of Krista. Krista really is the perfect Team Blake artist and it’s hard to imagine him giving her up for any other member of his team. Anyone Krista went up against wouldn’t have much of a chance, but Chris seems especially unlikely to get picked. 

In the performance, though, Chris actually does a way better job than Krista. Chris and Krista’s voices do complement each other as well as their names, but Chris is the clear winner of the battle. Blake obviously agrees and it is a major upset. Krista is passed over for Chris. 

Result: Blake chooses Chris

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Rapidfire Battle Rounds

After the Krista upset, there is a montage of snippets from battles from Pharrell and Gwen’s so far absent teams. Pharrell faces off Sydney Rhame and Madi Davis. He chooses Madi and Sydney goes home. Gwen picks Kota Wade and Alex Kandel to battle and gives Kota the win. The second Team Gwen battle of the montage has Jeffrey Austin and Noah Jackson duking it out. Gwen picks Jeffrey to move forward.

Results: Pharrell chooses Madi, and Gwen chooses Jeffrey and Kota

Siahni Im vs. Ivonne Acero

The final battle of the night is an interesting one. Siahni probably has too much confidence and it borders on precociousness and arrogance. Ivonne is so lacking in self-confidence that she basically disappears in the pre-recorded training package. Pharrell and mentor Missy Elliot make an effort to bring Ivonne out of her shell, but it’s unclear if it will translate to the stage.  

Ivonne sadly does struggle when it comes to the attitude of the performance. She doesn’t seem to be performing the song, just singing it. Hands down, though, I think her voice is much stronger than Siahni. The star quality and stage presence is more important to Pharrell and he chooses Siahni. 

It’s not over, though, because Gwen and Blake both hit their buttons to steal Ivonne. Gwen makes the hardest pitch that I’ve ever seen her make to win an artist. She also has the assist from Adam. Blake is basically in it to make jokes about himself and Adam. In yet another shocking upset, Ivonne chooses to join Team Blake. 

Result: Pharrell chooses Siahni, and Ivonne chooses Team Blake  

The Voice airs Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC.

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