On the last leg of The Amazing Race, cousins Alex Manard and Adam Dingeman were the last to reach Phil at the mat in Buenos Aires, Argentina and were sent home. The final three teams were all hampered by taxi issues (such as finding one) and Adam and Alex went home because of bad luck.

With nine teams remaining on The Amazing Race, who will be sent home next? Let’s try and pick who will be safe to race another day, and who will be packing their bags for home.

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Who is Safe

Look, I am going out on a limb here. Best buds from Texas, Tanner Kloven and Josh Ahern, came in second on this leg of the race. Tanner also sustained a pulled hamstring trying to beat out first-place finishers Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop. There is also no love lost between these two duos stemming from Justin’s melt-down about James Earl Corley telling Tanner and Josh the name of the place where Pope Francis was baptized. Even though Tanner is injured, I am going to say that this pair will be safe, with perhaps a little help from their Express Pass.

Mother and son team, Denise Williams and James Earl Corley, nabbed third place on the last leg. They performed well in both the card-board collection and dance challenges, had good communication, and respected each other. I think this team will be around for a few more legs.

Diana Bishop and Justin Scheman may have won first place on the last leg, but they are quickly wearing out the goodwill of their competitors. There is one major reason for this: Justin and his ability to brag about himself. When he inserted himself into the drama by calling out James Earl for telling the Texas team the name of the next location, he became even more unlikable. I think that they will probably be safe for the next leg, but Justin is putting a large target on his back when it becomes U-Turn time. 

Married pair, Rick and Cindy Chac, once again had a pretty good performance. They are supportive of each other and communicate very well. They may have taken fifth place, but I still think they are going to be competing on the race for quite a while.

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Who is in Danger?

Dating paparazzi couple, Logan Fazio and Chris Gordon, squabbled while deciding which Detour to do. I am sure that being on The Amazing Race is stressful under the very best circumstances, but bickering and arguing this early on could definitely indicate a lack of communication and team-work, which is something that could spell doom on this type of competition.

Dancers Jin Lao and Ernest Phillips finished in ninth place. These brothers, who are homeless, have a story that makes you want to root for them (and I confess that I am). I think they are in danger because, once again, they seem to be operating at a lower level than some of the other teams. As the race becomes more difficult, I think that this team will have trouble keeping up. 

Krista DeBono and Tiffany Chantell Torres, who are former NFL cheerleaders, finished near the middle of the pack on the last leg. This team squabbled quite a bit during the card board challenge. I think that their tendency to become very emotional, as well as their habit of arguing with one another, could be a danger sign for this team.

I predict that one of these three teams will be eliminated from The Amazing Race, with Ernest and Jin the most likely to go home.

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8 pm on CBS.

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