It’s the final night of performances for the remaining three singers: Christina Grimmie, Josh Kaufman and Jake Worthington.

Who will rise to the occasion to get the votes of the viewers on The Voice season 6 finals?

Will it be Josh Kaufman, the soulful singer who almost went home during the Battle Rounds?

Or will it be Jake Worthington, the young country crooner?

Or will it be YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie who puts on the best show tonight?

The stakes have never been higher so let’s get right to it!

Welcome to The Voice live blog!

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Tonight, each finalist will be singing three songs: one selected by America, one selected by the coach and one duet with the coach.

Oh, Josh. What are you wearing?! That shirt’s not going to win you any votes from me.

Christina Grimmie (“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus)

America chose “Wrecking Ball” for Christina to sing tonight. This is the song that Christina sang during the Blind Auditions and earned her a four-chair turn.

Maybe it’s because we have already heard her sing this, but Christina’s performance is lacking the usual firepower. 

Yes, she’s hitting all the notes, but it’s like, been there, done that.

Alright, at the final crescendo of the song, she sounds amazing. Can’t deny that.

Blake says America loves hearing Christina hit the big notes. Usher tells Christina that her ability to fight to be here is what defines her as an artist. 

Shakira praises her for having the highest register. Adam thinks Christina did an even better job than the first time she sang it. 

Josh Kaufman and Usher (“Every Breath You Take” by The Police)

I’m liking this collaboration from the start. Both guys put a unique spin on the vocals. 

(Plus, it’s rare to get to hear Usher sing a song like this. It’s like we’re hanging out at a karaoke bar with him.)

Usher adds lots of little trills to his parts, and Josh goes up into the higher register, which sounds cool.

For a finals performance, this was just kind of eh. Hopefully, Josh is saving up the good stuff for his other songs.

Jake Worthington (“Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley)

For the song that America chose, Jake will be singing the song from his Blind Audition, “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” 

Yay! That song was my favorite of all of Jake’s performances this season.

As he performs it now during the finals, he sounds clear and strong once again. Sitting down so he can play the guitar allows him to connect emotionally with the audience. 

He has really grown into a performer this season. Great rendition!

Usher attributes Jake’s success to his coaching from Blake. Shakira wants to squeeze Jake because he’s oh so cute!

Adam appreciates Jake’s subtle nuances during his vocals. Blake is happy that Jake respects a generation of country singers like Keith Whitley enough to perform one of his songs.

Shakira and Blake Shelton (“Medicine”)

Shakira’s warbling voice really annoys me, but I always love a Blake Shelton performance!

Their voices don’t mesh well together. Blake’s vocals are too rough for Shakira’s sweet-sounding ones.

And wow does Blake need some dance lessons from Usher or what?! He is pretty bad. 

Josh Kaufman (“Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder)

Ugh, America, this is what you chose for Josh? Wrong answer. You should have picked “Stay,” which was the best Josh Kaufman performance this season.

But … I guess this is a smart choice because it highlights the kind of singer Josh wants to be. I think the word that has come up 24,384 times this season is “soulful.”

Okay, I’m liking this. He is definitely giving it some extra oomph this time around. Enough to make my feet start tapping on the bed. 

He gets down low and then goes up high in the same breath. This is definitely an improvement from last time. 

Shakira likes the charisma in Josh’s voice. Adam says that Josh is twisting the knife in the wound by performing the very song that led Adam to choose Delvin over Josh.

Usher says Josh “is the new voice of The Voice.” Oh snap.

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Christina Grimmie and Adam Levine (“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye)

I love this song choice! It’s very representative of the bold choices these two have made all season.

Adam sounds weird singing this song, but Christina sounds great. 

She restrains herself for the better part of the song until the last chorus. Then she unleashes her powerful vocals and puts the Grimmie spin on the song.

Jake Worthington (“Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx)

Blake is smart to give Jake another emotional ballad because that’s where he shines.

I already like this song better when Jake sings it. His voice is more full-bodied than Richard Marx, who has a thin, girly voice.

Oops, did Jake get off-beat a little bit during “But I cannot reach you now”? I played it back and I’m still not sure, but I think he did. 

Jake’s voice soars on “I’ll take the chance” and sounds beautiful. Like all of his songs, this one has no-frills but is gorgeous. 

It’s hard to even compare him to Josh and Christina because they are all such different types of performers. 

Usher calls Jake’s performance “spotless.” Shakira is now hearing power, nuances and subtleties that she hasn’t heard before. Adam agrees with Shakira. 

Blake thinks Jake is the most sincere storyteller to appear on The Voice. Alright, settle down. Didn’t they say that same thing about Kristen Merlin?

Adam Levine and Usher (“Untitled (How Does It Feel)” by D’Angelo)

How much would it cost for me to buy a private performance of this song by these two? My birthday’s in a week.

I love the dueling falsettos! They are hysterical. 

Jake Worthington and Blake Shelton (“A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams, Jr.)

I’m so excited to see Jake and Blake team up. They are so cute together. 

This song allows the attitude in Jake’s voice to come out. He usually sings those sweet love songs. 

If he had chosen more songs like that earlier in the season, I may have been on Team Jake! This was one of my favorite performances of season 6.

Christina Grimmie (“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis)

Christina says she knew if she made it to the finals, she was going to sing this song. Interesting choice, that’s for sure.

She stays close to the original version of the song in the beginning, hitting all the notes and only adding a few trills.

Wow, she sounds like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston when she lets loose. She has so much power, yet she really is able to control it. 

This last note is just amazing. A-mazing.

Blake doesn’t give her much praise. Maybe he’s just scared that she did better than Jake. Usher says that Adam has been a great coach.

Shakira calls it flawless. Adam agrees with me that Usher and Blake were downplaying how amazing Christina’s performance was. He says that she’s going to win the show.

Josh Kaufman (“Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele)

I’m scared with this song choice. Can’t he just sing the George Michael song from his audition again, please?

Josh sounds great, but I’m not convinced that he is adding anything more/better than Adele has in the original. 

It kills me to say this because I love Josh, but his vocals sound a bit whiny. Nasally? I just don’t think this was the best song pick.

I’m curious to hear what everyone else thinks of this performance. I guess I just always expect Josh to blow my mind and he really didn’t with that.

The fans and the coaches seem to love it, so I guess my expectations were just too high.

Usher tells America that Josh must win. 

That’s it for the final performances. What did everyone think? 

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The winner of The Voice will be crowned live during the two-hour season 6 finale on Tuesday at 9pm on NBC.

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