If you’re tuning in on The Bachelorette just for some scandalous drama, better not get your hopes up as season 10 will be more romantic than sexy– at least according to love searcher Andi Dorfman. The 26-year-old Assistant District Attorney is bold and pretty straightforward as seen on The Bachelor season 18 where she pulled herself from the competition after her fantasy suite nightmare with Juan Pablo Galavis. However she’s ready to show the world a different side of her.

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“Mine will probably be on the more romantic side,” Andi told TV Guide. “You will not see a lot of hot-tub scenes; it’s not really my thing. But I feel like you can be sexy by being romantic and it doesn’t need to involve bikinis and hot tubs.”

“Obviously America saw a lot of the tough girl and that’s what came out at the very end,” said Andi, who might be the first woman to wear a one-piece bathing suit on The Bachelorette.   “But I am a very soft person inside, I’m vulnerable and I’m somebody who is looking for love. I’m not just the tough chick from Atlanta who’s an attorney. I’m a girl who wants to be courted and have the love of her life.”

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And though Andi appears to be fearless, she does have qualms about her Bachelorette journey. “My biggest fear, honestly, was not finding anybody,” Andi revealed. “Going into the first night I was thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can do this! I don’t know if I can find anybody through this.'”

Contrary to Andi’s description of the season,  this ABC promo reveals that major drama will unfold beginning on the first night of The Bachelorette.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo is expected to grace the season premiere but don’t expect him to be all excited about upcoming season. 

“I gave her advice when she was announced,” Juan Pablo told Life and Style. “So you’ll see me on May 19 doing something.” 

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When asked if he’ll be watching his ex Andi, the former Bachelor said, “I doubt it.”

“I’ve never seen the show before. [OnThe Bachelor] I wanted to see what they put on TV and what they didn’t,” said Juan Pablo, who doesn’t seem to be a fan of the franchise. “In this case, I have nothing to see there.” 

The Bachelorette season 10 premieres on Monday, May 19 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. 

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