After a great start on Monday night, the Battle Rounds continue on The Voice. Three steals have already been used, with Usher being the only coach who has yet to jump on his red button.

Tonight, the coaches continue to assist their contestants with the help of their celebrity mentors: Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Aloe Blacc and Jill Scott. I am especially excited because many of the singers who made it into my top 16 blind auditions will be performing.

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Team Shakira: Clarissa Serna vs. Jeremy Briggs (“Cold as Ice” by Foreigner)

Shakira explains that she put these two together because they are both rockers. Clarissa is less comfortable in the first rehearsal and Miranda Lambert feels that she is holding back. Jeremy is really comfortable with the song and has a lot of confidence because of that. 

When the chemistry seems off between them, Shakira reminds them that they have to work together or the whole performance will suffer. 

At the start, it’s clear they have been working on their performance together. Despite Jeremy having the advantage, I can’t help but think that Clarissa sounds better. Jeremy sounds good, but he isn’t as able to hold those big notes, nor is he giving as much of a performance as Clarissa.

Adam shares that the end note was the best part and Blake is impressed with Jeremy’s vocal range. Adam and Blake would choose Clarissa for her big voice, but Usher would give it to Jeremy for his tenacity. 

Shakira has criticisms for both, saying Jeremy “fell out of the pocket” and Clarissa was too dramatic. Ultimately, Shakira chooses Clarissa.

Team Adam: Caleb Elder vs. Delvin Choice (“The Man” by Aloe Blacc)

Adam pretty much hands the reigns over to Aloe Blacc to coach the singers because it is his song they will be performing. They both struggle with the rhythm of the song to the point that they are required to rap it before they are allowed to sing it again.

A major highlight is when Aloe actually performs the song himself; I could listen to him all day.

The battle starts off and despite the vast improvement from rehearsal, I am not loving this performance. The song is cool, but I think it is too verbose and the guys have no time to really shine vocally within it. 

All the coaches heard the struggles they both had, but Blake thinks Caleb struggled more. Usher shares that he thinks Adam chose the song to challenge them. Adam shares that Delvin has “a lot of voice” and Adam chooses Delvin. I’m not shocked based on this performance, but I am shocked that Caleb is going home considering he had my favorite Blind Audition. 

Now time for the fast-forwarded performances:

Team Blake: Megan Ruger vs. Ria Eaton (“My Happy Ending” by Avril Lavigne)

Megan had one of my favorite Blind Auditions, while all I remember about Ria is the ends of her red hair. Megan is the winner of this battle

Team Shakira: Lindsay Pagano vs. Ddendyl (“I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King)

Ddendyl was also one of my favorites from the Blinds, so I’m taking it personally that they are not showing these performances. At least Ddendyl is the winner so we will be seeing more of her.

Team Usher: Brothers Walker vs. Morgan Wallen (“Hey Brother” by Avicii)

Morgan is the winner of this battle. I have no strong feelings about it either way.

Team Usher: Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez (“Give It to Me Right” by Melanie Fiona)

Usher shares that the song is perfect to show the aggression in both of the vocalists. I barely remember either of their Blind Auditions. Jill Scott calls Brittnee out for performing with too much attitude and encourages her to tell a story with her vocal. All we see is Melissa struggling.

This is a really evenly matched performance. They both nail the vocal, they both look great and give an entertaining and sensual performance. Side note: how do these ladies with their huge heels never fall? Now that’s talent.

Shakira loves the performance and Melissa’s moves. Adam would give it to Brittnee because he feels she has a stronger voice. Blake is impressed with how evenly matched the battle is. Usher regrets pairing them together because he wants to keep them both. Usher chooses Melissa.

Both Adam and Shakira push their buttons for the first steal of the night! Brittnee rejects Shakira for the second time and chooses Adam, who now has no more steals.

The Voice Battle Rounds continue next Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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Eva Des Lauriers

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