This episode marks the last week of the Blind Auditions for The Voice season 13, and each coach’s team is starting to fill out. Miley Cyrus comes into this set with an all-female team of eight, while Jennifer Hudson is edging her out with nine. Both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are tied with seven singers each on their respective teams, but this round of auditions is just getting started.

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Chloe Kohanski (“The Chain”)

Chloe lands on The Voice stage after heading up her own jazz band and fostering a pretty significant talent-crush on Miley. Her soulful (or, as Jennifer calls it, “sassy”) rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” has everything the coaches need to turn their chairs around. Both Miley and Blake turn around first, but Jennifer eventually comes around, leaving Adam as the only coach who doesn’t push his button. 

Result: Miley Cyrus. Although Chloe makes a good show about deciding, her lifelong devotion overrules any other factors and she goes with her idol, Miley.

Olivia Kay (“Ghost”)

Olivia is the youngest contestant, coming on stage at the tender age of 13. She and her twin brother are only in eighth grade, and this may have contributed to her nervous performance. Olivia sings her little heart out, but it’s not enough to get any of the coaches’ attentions. They give some very encouraging words about not giving up. She keeps her chin up and even gets Blake to sign an old photo she has of them from a few years ago.

Result: Unfortunately, Olivia can’t find a team, and nobody turns their chair. Maybe we’ll see her again in a year or so.

Dennis Drummond (“She Talks to Angels”)

I don’t want to be biased, folks, but we better keep an eye on Dennis — not that we could miss him anyway. At a full 6’8″, Dennis is a whole lot of voice and soul. He hits the stage with a Black Crowes cover, and he brings the house down. Adam turns his chair after the first few bars, and then Blake isn’t far behind him. They both feel connected to his craft, and I can’t say I can blame either of these coaches for fighting for him. He’s that good. 

Result: Blake Shelton. In a surprising upset, he picks Blake, though his sound more closely matches Adam and Maroon 5.

Ignatious Carmouche (“Latch”)

Ignatious is The Voice Snapchat winner, and he beat out 20,000 other singers for his spot in the Blind Auditions. He also plays the piano and saxophone, and Jennifer even notes that his voice sounds like “a human sax.” Adam immediately regrets not turning his chair and recognizes him from the Snap challenge. As an ordained minister, Ignatious has a calm and seriousness to him that I think the coaches can identify with.

Result: Jennifer Hudson. Even though it would be fun to see what Blake could have done, he takes Adam’s advice and goes with Team Jen.

Rebecca Brunner (“Believer”)

Rebecca is a part-time nanny in Chicago but is originally from a tiny town in Michigan, and she’s got that small-town heart. She comes on the stage, and you can’t help but notice how gorgeous she is. It’s a fair bet that she would have gotten more chair turns if they could have seen that gorgeous skin and shining hair. But as it stands, Blake is the only coach who hears potential in her voice, and I have a feeling the other three will regret that as the competition heats up.

Result: Blake Shelton. She might not be as excited to get him (as he asserts), but he feels super lucky to have her on his team.

Brandon Brown (“Georgia on My Mind”)

Brandon is a bit of a prodigy, having studied composition, voice, jazz, violin and piano. He starts the night thinking he might want Jennifer as a coach, and she tries to lure him with shared musical tastes. Brandon has something special, and host Carson Daly says his voice is like “a James Bond tuxedo” because it’s just plain ol’ good.

Result: Adam Levine. Surprisingly, Brandon picks Adam as his coach, despite the damning graphics Jennifer provides about the stunts Adam and Blake pull to sway folks to his team.

Whitney Fenimore (“Hold On, We’re Going Home”)

Whitney sings the same cover as the late Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, and Adam is moved by the memory. Whitney can consider this turn on The Voice as a comeback since it’s her first big “thing” since she battled panic attacks and depression. Her Americana version of the song is definitely something special, and both Adam and Miley turn their chairs for her. 

Result: Adam Levine. Ultimately, she chooses Adam, citing Songs about Jane as a motivating factor. Miley thinks she’ll be sorry, but it doesn’t look like she regrets a thing.

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Ilianna Viramontes (“New Soul”)

This 18-year-old’s voice is surprising but in the very best kind of way. She has a quirky, old-soul sound that initially makes Blake and Miley turn around. Her “perfect pitch” and “characterized sound” make her one of the standouts of the episode. Ilianna is missing her high school graduation to be on The Voice, and it seems like it’s totally worth it to see these two coaches fight over her.

Result: Miley Cyrus. She picks Miley because duh. She was never going to choose Blake, but good for her for acting conflicted over the decision.

Meagan McNeal (“Can’t Feel My Face”)

Meagan is a mom to young Maddox and can remember the exact date she decided she wanted to be a singer. She’s soulful and beautiful, and her voice can fill up the entire room. She’s got the kind of sound that makes you want to get up and sway. Jennifer is the only coach who turns her chair, but I bet the other coaches are regretting that decision now. Blake admits that her place is on “J-Hud’s team,” and he’s totally right.

Result: Jennifer Hudson. There was never any question about which team this singer belongs on.

Jon Mero (“Versace on the Floor”)

Jon cites his major inspiration as Whitney Houston, and you can tell he’s channeling the singer in his performance. At first, the coaches can’t decide what to make of him, but eventually all four of them turn their chairs. As a corporate singer, Jon knows how to work a crowd, and the coaches are clamoring for him to join their team. Jon has made fans out of all four of them. 

Result: Adam Levine. In the hardest decision of the night, Jon picks Adam. Much to the other coaches’ disappointment, Jon goes with the coach that most closely matches his style.

Audition Montage

Katrina Rose performs “Kozmic Blues” and lands on Team Miley. Natalie Stovall performs “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” and ends up on Blake’s team. And Ryan Scripps performs “Body Like a Backroad” and joins Team Blake.

Do you think Miley’s all-female team has a chance to win against Blake’s winning streak? Do you connect with Jennifer’s enthusiasm? Whose team do you think has the best chance to win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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