During the premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, we watched the three tribes meet and mingle as they set up camp. The tribes are the Levu Tribe (blue buff “Heroes”) the Soko Tribe (yellow buff “Healers”) and the Yawa Tribe (red buff “Hustlers”).

Ryan from the Hustlers’ tribe anonymously gave a super idol to Chrissy of the Heroes tribe, but she chose not to use it to save Katrina, who was the first person from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers to be sent packing.

Levu Tribe

This episode, “I’m a Wild Banshee,” picks up at the Heroes camp after tribal council. Chrissy feels like she is no longer on the outs since the alliance of four has some serious cracks. She also plans to use the powerless idol as a decoy idol, which is a brilliant idea. Alan hopes that his plan to cast suspicion on J.P. and Ashley has worked. Ashley works overtime talking to Ben and Chrissy to assure them that she and J.P. are not an idol-hiding “power couple.” Ben has decided that the “core four” is over. 

The next day, J.P., the firefighter, excels at fishing and brings back fish and lobster for the tribe. He thinks that he and Ashley should try and put their alliance aside for the moment until the “power couple” talk cools down. J.P. is in damage-control mode, and talks with Chrissy about working together. Chrissy is still suspicious about if Ashley and J.P. are a duo. After analyzing all her options, Chrissy thinks that Ben is the best alliance partner for her, and he agrees. No one wants to work with Alan after his outbursts. 

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Yawa Tribe 

The Hustlers have demonstrated their work ethic at camp, and the bromance of Ryan and Devon is in full flower. Everyone on the tribe gets along great, except for Simone, who is dubbed “weird.” She makes a general announcement that she has successfully relieved herself in the ocean, which is a milestone since she is not an outdoorsy person. Seriously? You are on Survivor, Simone! I don’t see how it can possibly get more outdoorsy than this. Simone offers to gut the fish, but don’t worry — she has researched how to do it. 

Ali talks to Simone about working together, and Ali believes that Simone will be loyal to her. While Devon meditates on the beach, Patrick is wrestling with and trying to overcome his fear of crabs. Patrick tries to entertain the whole tribe, but his shenanigans are starting to annoy others, especially Lauren. Lauren wants to work with Ali, and Ali is wondering how much more time she can devote to babysitting Patrick. He is really cramping her style.

Soko Tribe

Over at the Healer’s tribe, Cole is interested in Jessica, even though she is a little bit older than him. They are flirting heavily, and Cole really likes her. I love a romance! Is Joe starting to feel some love toward Mike? Well, he finds him to be a good-enough guy, but he still plans on getting rid of him. Joe wants to search for an idol, but after accusing Mike of having an idol, he can’t be obvious. 

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When the others leave camp, Joe begins his search. The lucky fellow finds a clue carved on a tree trunk. It is a map to where an idol is located. He thinks that the idol must be near the fishing raft, so he talks to Cole, who has been using the raft.  Joe explains that he found the clue, but Cole responds that he doesn’t have the idol. Joe shows the clue to Cole, who discovers that the symbol is for the well, not a raft. Cole and Joe sneak over to the well, and start digging in the dirt. Joe finds the idol.

Immunity and Reward Challenge

For this challenge, three tribe mates must dive down to a wire cage and free bundles of puzzle pieces and then all swim to a platform. The two remaining contestants will use the pieces to complete a spinning sign-post puzzle. The first tribe to finish will win immunity and a huge fishing kit, including traps. The second place tribe will get immunity and a small fishing kit. Devon is easily retrieving the puzzle pieces, and gives the Hustlers’ an early lead.

Ali and Simone tackle the puzzle for the Hustlers, while Chrissy and Alan represent the Heroes. Desi and Mike work on the puzzle for the Healers. The Healers make up for lost time and win the challenge. The Heroes snag second place. The Hustlers will attend tribal council.

Back at the Yawa camp, Simone apologizes for not being able to finish the puzzle in time. She takes her case to Lauren and Ali in hopes of persuading them to vote off Patrick because of his obnoxious behavior. So, the question is whether to get rid of a physically strong player who ignores directions and is unpredictable (Hello, Patrick!) or someone who is bad in the challenges. (Hi, Simone!) Ryan, Patrick, and Devon are targeting Simone. Ali has a decision to make, and Ryan and Devon decide to vote along with her. 

Tribal Council

Ryan likens tribal council to a birthday party that your mother forces you to attend, which blows Jeff Probst’s mind. Lauren laments that they will lose a tribe member, since they have all been working so well together. Patrick adds that he can trust “most” of the people there, and then tries to walk it back as a joke. He also is uneasy thinking that anyone would want to send him home, as he is a loyal person. Simone explains how she is challenging herself, and that she has never even been camping. 

The Vote

Simone gets four votes and is eliminated from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. I can’t say that I am surprised.

What do you think of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Do you think that Ryan and Devon’s alliance will keep? Would you have voted Patrick off? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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