The potential feud between Dancing with the Stars couple Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy seems to be cooling down, at least according to social media. Following Maks’ absence from Monday’s episode due to “personal reasons,” reports surfaced that Maks and Vanessa were miserable together and their fighting was the real reason for Maksim not showing up.

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But now the two are appearing to work through their issues with some social media statements to put a positive spin on the news to the public as they head into the fourth week of competition and Most Memorable Year Night.

On Wednesday morning, Maks went on Twitter with a series of tweets where he “took full responsibility for [his] absence]” He added that he wanted to apologize to Vanessa for missing the show and that “we are both looking forward to dancing for our fans next week.”

Similarly, Vanessa went on Instagram after her Guilty Pleasures performance with Alan Bersten, writing that she “can’t WAIT to get started” with Maks ontheir week 4 routine.

Thank YOU to @alanbersten and my new girl posse, the @dancingabc girls troop, @brittbenae @hayley.erbert @dance10jenna!!! This was the ULTIMATE guilty pleasure! #GirlsNight Don’t forget to vote! (Link in my Bio!) 😘 I can’t WAIT to get started tomorrow with @maksimc on week 4! We’re cookin up something special for you!

A post shared by Vanessa Lachey (@vanessalachey) on Oct 3, 2017 at 12:29am PDT

So is the fighting all behind them, or is this just a P.R. attempt to quell the rumors of a feud?We’ll see next week and, at this point, it might be hard for the show to completely ignore this compelling backstage drama.

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Does the fighting make you more or less likely to root for Vanessa and Maks? Do you think the show will address the rumors?

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