Last week, the remaining teams on The Amazing Race arrived in Vienna, Austria. The teams had to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir, which was probably as excruciating to attempt as it was to watch.

There was also a major disagreement between Jason and Amy and Timothy and Marie (Reebs) as to whether Jason and Amy’s taxi was taken by the other couple. Although Jason and Amy’s bags were taken out of the cab by their driver, they still maintained that they would not have taken the cab if the same thing had happened to Timothy and Reebs. So much for friendship on The Amazing Race!

Nicole and Travis were the first couple to reach the Pit Stop. The final team to arrive, Tim and Danny, were eliminated. So who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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The Next Destination

Nicole and Travis receive the first clue, and the teams are heading to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Once they land, teams must find the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. While Timothy and Reebs reason that they were justified in taking the taxi that belonged to Jason and Amy, it seems that this dating couple are not feeling very forgiving.

Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) score the final seats on a flight that will arrive just 10 minutes ahead of the next flight. Leo and Jamal arrive at the mosque first, and it is breathtaking. They find out that they are headed to the Irani Souk.

Bicker While You Work

At this location, the teams encounter a Detour, which consists of two challenges: “Sort It Out” or “Sew It Up.” In “Sort It Out,” teams must sort through many different types of colorful dates and assemble a complicated arrangement. The “Sew It Up” challenge requires teams to make a traditional fishing net.

I must say that the “Sort It Out” challenge looks very complicated. Leo and Jamal meet up again with their “race wives,” Ally and Ashley, who are also game to sort through some dates. Timothy and Reebs also arrive and begin to bicker. I, for one, am shocked! The other teams are annoyed by their arguing, while Leo and Jamal feel sorry for Tim.

Something Seems Fishy

Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole decide to try their luck at the “Sew It Up” Challenge. Travis and Nicole become frustrated and discuss whether to use their Express Pass, but decide to keep working on their fishing basket. Jason and Amy finish their task first and get the next clue.

Teams are taking a luxury cruise from the Al Bandar Marina to the Yas Marina. Nicky and Kim just barely miss the yacht, much to the amusement of the other teams as they sail away.

The Need for Speed

Next up is a Roadblock called “Drop and Drive,” which requires one team member to drop 200 feet off the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, and then get in a race car with a professional driver and take a lap around the track. Oh, and you also have to spot the name of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix record holder and his record time as you speed around the track. If you are incorrect, you have to race around the circuit again. Sounds easy enough, right?

Leo completes the task first, and gets the next clue. Jason gets the correct name, but reads the racer’s time incorrectly. Ally and Kim have trouble finding and remembering the names.

The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race is the Champion’s Podium. Leo and Jamal are the first team to greet host Phil Keoghan. They win a trip to Paris, France. Great job, Leo and Jamal! Jason and Amy take second place, and Nicole and Travis come in third.

Nicky and Kim are the last to arrive, and while they become teary at being eliminated, Phil speaks the magic words every last place racer wants to hear: “This is a non-elimination leg of the race.”

The six teams will race on next week, and who will take the lead is anyone’s guess.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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