On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia deals with a health problem. NeNe arranges a gathering so Kenya and Phaedra can clear the air. Portia isn’t ready to leave the comfort of the family nest. And Kandi and Joyce clash over Todd.

Home Sweet Home

This week’s episode starts out with two of the ladies, Kenya and Porsha, trying to figure out where they are going to lay each of their heads and call home. Kenya “won” a court case against her landlord but still has to find new accommodations. If anyone thought Kenya was a deadbeat tenant, I guess her day in court disproved that ugly allegation. Porsha, unceremoniously bounced from her palatial estate by Kordell, is currently staying with her mom. She finally receives some spousal support but is so comfy at her mom’s house, she doesn’t want to spend the money on her own place.

Mom tells her daughter she’s welcome to stay, but she is curious about Porsha’s future plans. But Porsha’s having a difficult time looking ahead because the conversation quickly turns to how hellacious her union to Kordell was. She might have been living in a beautiful home and driving an expensive car, but girlfriend was cash poor and asking for handouts. I think these revelations about Kordell serve two major purposes, one being ratings and the other revenge.

The Girl Code

After Kenya picked a fight with NeNe over her decision to invite Walter to her wedding to Gregg, the two get together the next day. NeNe isn’t about to let Kenya’s behavior go unchecked. The reality star cuts an imposing enough figure as it is. For today’s discussion, she’s chosen a camouflage baseball hat which just screams that she means business.

Kenya tries to conjure up sympathy by telling NeNe her life is upside down, and as a result, she needs real friends in her life. She talks about being displaced from her home as if there aren’t hundreds, if not thousands, of other places to live in and around the city. She wipes her eye, but there isn’t the hint of a tear rolling down her cheek. NeNe isn’t buying that this former beauty queen and current “booty model” is in any real danger of being homeless. NeNe doesn’t offer up a guest room but does tell Kenya she’ll help her search for a new place.

The real issue is that Kenya feels betrayed by NeNe because Walter was a guest at her wedding. Kenya says that if NeNe was loyal, she would have told Kenya that Walter had been invited. Not only does NeNe dismiss Kenya’s concerns as overblown, but she confronts Kenya about her issues with Phaedra.

NeNe accuses her of breaking the “G code” by talking to Apollo, presumably without Phaedra’s knowledge or consent. This goes back to claims Kenya made during the taping of the season 5 reunion. Kenya replies that if she implied that she and Apollo have had any inappropriate exchanges, that’s wrong. NeNe’s response? “All this d**k in Atlanta, and you gotta take somebody else’s man? Girl, no.”

In an effort to play peacemaker, NeNe wants to get all the girls together. She wants to make things better so the group can move forward. Kenya says she’s not looking to be set up. NeNe replies that she knows they can all get together, and Kenya can tell Phaedra that there was nothing ever fishy going on between her and Apollo. That sounds like a conversation that should occur strictly between Phaedra and Kenya to me. Kenya says that if NeNe thinks getting everyone together will be productive, she’ll consider it. NeNe replies she can guarantee it will be productive, but she’s hopeful.

Female Troubles

Cynthia has gained weight and, as a result, is dealing with rumors that she’s pregnant. She may be moody and craving carbs, but it isn’t because she’s expecting. She’s got fibroids that are causing some unpleasant symptoms. Peter isn’t sensitive to what she’s going through and neither is the modeling world. Peter states the obvious, which is she should move forward with any treatments or surgery necessary to correct the problem.

Whine and Cheese

Kandi has a get-together with a few of the ladies. Cynthia asks about wedding planning, and Kandi tells her that “Mama Joyce” isn’t supportive of the union. She thinks Todd is out to get her. Sounds like the possible onset of dementia to me. Kandi feels a special kinship with Cynthia because the model has had her own struggles with her family not being happy about her choice of spouse. Cynthia advises Kandi to be blunt and tell her mom that Todd is her choice; it’s her life, and if she plans on being around, Mama Joyce is going to have to respect it.

Porsha shows up with a brand new hairdo. Not only is she letting go of Kordell, she let go of most of her locks as well. Cynthia thinks that Porsha looks great even though she’s going through a messy divorce.

Phaedra shows up and the gossiping begins. The hot topic of the moment is Kenya’s recent behavior. Phaedra can’t make any sense of why Kenya is still talking about a man she isn’t married to. She says Kenya should keep it moving. Porsha asks Phaedra if she and Kenya will ever be friends, and Phaedra says no. She feels Kenya’s done some things she can never get past like texting and propositioning her husband. The troops are rallying behind Phaedra. Cynthia says if Kenya can do that to Phaedra, she can do it to any of them.

In Sickness and Health

Cynthia finds a doctor, but she has to be approved as a candidate for non-surgical treatment of her fibroids. Cynthia worries that, ultimately, she could wind up having to get a hysterectomy. Cynthia has to explain to her husband that this would mean removing her uterus. She says she needs her uterus, and he questions for what. Cynthia equates this with her telling him he doesn’t need his testicles. Cynthia might be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the “in sickness and in health” portion of her wedding vows.

Peter’s convinced she can control her increased appetite and has no trouble pointing out Cynthia’s current struggle with her weight. I don’t doubt the severity of Cynthia’s condition, but saying that the fibroids are “literally” draining the life out of her is not only grammatically incorrect but a tad over-dramatic.

The doctor not only confirms to Peter that Cynthia is not crazy but also that she’s a candidate for treatment other than a hysterectomy.

Setting the Record Straight

The ladies gather to rain down fire and brimstone on Kenya. Before things even get started, Kenya says she feels she’s getting ready to walk into the lion’s den. NeNe just wants Kenya to try and put everything on the table and make the girls at least understand her “cuckooness.” Kendra starts out by saying that when she offered to share them (reunion show), it was to show that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

She goes on to say there was never an inappropriate text message exchanged between them, but there was texting. Cynthia thinks that Kenya and Apollo were wrong, and Phaedra shouldn’t only be angry at Kenya.

Things are pretty black and white with Phaedra; you just do not text another woman’s husband, point blank. She goes on to say that Kenya did imply there was an inappropriate relationship between herself and Apollo. I witnessed the whole exchange in question, and Kenya definitely made it sound like Apollo was pursuing her for more than friendship.

Kandi calls Kenya’s character into question. Kenya says flat-out that she doesn’t want Apollo, and she’s not going to walk around wearing a scarlet letter or being perceived as a w**re.

Porsha finds it odd that Kenya has changed her story. Porsha says Kenya doesn’t have an authentic heart. She gets heated and says if someone is a fake friend once, they’re always going to be a fake friend.

Kandi questions if, in terms of moving forward, Phaedra¬†could¬†be around Kenya in a group setting. She says she can be around anybody, but there just won’t be a relationship.

Just when it looks like the two women are just going to agree to disagree, Phaedra drops a bombshell. She says her biggest problem with Kenya is not the text messaging but rather the fact that Kenya told Phaedra she should get an AIDS test. NeNe is shocked and shaken. She has no recollection of this exchange, but film footage proves that Kenya is guilty as charged. Kenya tells Phaedra that if she was uncomfortable at any point with the exchange they had at the reunion, she apologizes for it.

Kandi goes to visit Mama Joyce, who is now living in Kandi’s old house. She says she wants her daughter to be happy, but she’s not sold on the groom. Fans of the show know Kandi’s mom had serious issues with Kandi’s previous fiance, AJ. Even though Kandi and Todd have been a couple for two years, Joyce questions how well Kandi knows him.

It’s All About the Benjamins

Kandi confronts her mother about how rude she is to Todd whenever she sees him, and how Joyce makes him feel uncomfortable in his own house. Mama Joyce argues that the house is really Kandi’s because she bought it. Joyce accuses Todd of living off Kandi, but Kandi swears he contributes to the monthly bills.

Kandi and Joyce have differing ideas on the purpose a man serves in a relationship. Joyce strictly sees dollar signs. She expects the man to be the provider. The promise of a prenup doesn’t ease Joyce’s fears that if something happens to her daughter, Todd can throw her out of her home. So now it seems that Joyce is more concerned about her own self-interests as opposed to her daughter’s.

Things are tough all the way around for these Georgia peaches. NeNe seems content that there will at least be harmony within the group after this week’s showdown between Kenya and Phaedra. There’s just one thing to remember about peaches: they contain big pit.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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