The first live playoffs of The Voice season 3 kicked off with a bang. There was a puffy shirt and an unbelievable performance from Amanda Brown as Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s top five singers each took the stage.

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Thursday night we will learn the results. The two singers with the highest number of votes from each team will automatically move on to the Top 12. In addition, the coaches will get to pick one other member of their team to move forward.

So who will those lucky people be? Let’s look.


Top 2: Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith

That was easy. Amanda was miles better than anyone else and delivered a show-stopping number. Bryan was emotional and has the added benefit of being the only guy. I feel very confident that these two will be the ones with the highest votes.

Adam’s Choice: Melanie Martinez

I think Adam will be intrigued by Melanie and want to see her do more of the other stuff people liked and not this weird ’40s cabaret act she tried.

Going Home: Joselyn Rivera and Loren Allred

I think these girls kind of cancel each other out and Adam knows that he has no chance of winning with a young female pop star. That’s Xtina’s thing.


Top 2: Liz Davis and Terry McDermott

I believe being the sole country artist gelps Liz out a lot, and as with Bryan, Terry benefits from being one of only three men performing all night.

Blake’s Choice: Cassadee Pope

This is really a coin flip between Cassadee and Michaela Paige. They’re both young female punk rock chicks, so it’s really a matter of taste. The fact that Michaela is only 16 and Cassadee has fronted a band before gives the edge of experience to Cassadee.

Going Home: Michaela Paige and Julio Cesar Castillo

As I said, Michaela’s age and inexperience will lose out to Cassadee. With Julio Cesar Castillo, his experiment in performing a Mariachi song entirely in Spanish will most likely see him go home, finally. He might get the Latino vote, but you can’t win with JUST the Latino vote.

What do you think? Am I correct in predicting which singers will get the most votes? Do you disagree with me on what the coaches will do?

The Voice results show airs Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

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