Happy Thanksgiving, America! As we all enjoy the company of friends and family and give thanks digesting the holiday turkey, two hopefuls’ dreams will come to an end tonight on The X Factor.

With another Thursday comes another double elimination, but do not fret. The X Factor UK contestant Cher Lloyd performs, proving that reality talent show winners are not always the only ones making the big bucks. Acts other than Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens may want to soak up any advice she can give.

The Dallas Cowboys v. Washington Redskins football game ran a little long, but the show is finally starting. Ready for the montage? Here we go!

Tate Stevens solidifies his “family man” title. Diamond White is a force to be reckoned with. Emblem3 drove the rift between Simon Cowell and LA Reid further apart. Arin Ray wishes to be more himself on stage. CeCe Frey performs for her deceased sister. The girls of Fifth Harmony stand by one another. Beatrice Miller’s twin sisters were super excited and emotional. Vino Alan is proud to be an American. Paige Thomas sang Britney’s song with pitch problems, yet showed emotion. Carly Rose Sonenclar soared over the rainbow. Whew! 

Mario and Khloe have just announced a live performance from Britney Spears in the upcoming weeks. Did anyone else suddenly get nervous?

With the true meaning of giving thanks in mind, the Top 10 acts are shown, introducing a school to their revamped music room thanks to Best Buy. As an added bonus, the kids will be performing live on The X Factor tonight. 

Top 10 and Bancroft Middle School Choir

“Fix You” by Coldplay

CeCe actually didn’t sound that bad! Her outfit, on the other hand, is atrocious. She looks like a Geisha got lost in the 1980’s. Very well done performance, though. Emblem3, Vino and Carly Rose all stand out from the bunch. The showstopper is, of course, the middle school kids whose smiles are truly a great sight to see.

The results are in. Someone is going home right now. The act with the lowest number of votes is …

Eliminated: Arin Ray

I knew it. Britney Spears should really be ashamed at the song selections she made for this kid. She held him back and failed to give him a true shot at making it very far in the competition. Arin is a very good performer.

“I think you should just take this as a learning experience,” Britney says. There is no warm embrace. There is hardly a look of sincerity as she looks off into the audience and not into Arin’s eyes. I understand Britney is on medication these days, but maybe they should ease up on the dosage because she looks like a marionette up there.

Cher Lloyd featuring Becky G.


Cher has to be the cutest, tiniest thing. Just by looking at her, one would ever be able to know that such a bit voice would burst out of her. Something must be in the water across the pond, every new sensation looks to be coming from the UK. 

I suppose the previous football game that went in to overtime has caused The X Factor to cut out any and all filler, i.e. an interview with Cher Lloyd. Think of it this way … Now we don’t have to witness the ridiculous questions that pop into Khloe’s head.

Moving on to the Top 8


Diamond White

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Over 25s

Vino Alan

Tate Stevens


Fifth Harmony


Young Adults

Paige Thomas

That leaves Beatrice Miller and CeCe Frey as the bottom two. They will have to sing for survival. This is the first time for Beatrice, who is crying her eyes out already, and the second time for CeCe, who may as well be a professional.

Save Me Performances

CeCe Frey

“Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson

Something must be wrong with CeCe’s earpiece. She’s taken it out within the first few minutes of her performance. There’s a few pitchy notes and her voice is shaky. Yeah, she’s flat for the entirety of the show. Beatrice will have to keep her mouth shut the entire time in order to do worse. Even Demi takes a deep sigh, knowing it wasn’t very good.

Beatrice Miller

“White Flag” by Dido

Good song choice. Beatrice has a great way of displaying her emotions while on stage. The crowd is immediately interacting with her, clapping along. A lot more than her mentor, Britney, who sits with a pleasant smile on her face. As the last note hits, the tears begin to flow.

Judges Send-Home Votes

Demi – Beatrice

Britney – CeCe

LA – Beatrice

Simon – Beatrice

Eliminated: Beatrice Miller

“Beatrice, I don’t think this is the right time for you right now,” Simon says in explanation. It’s like the second-coming of Rachel from Season 1. Beatrice stands on stage, now out of CeCe’s embrace, crying like a baby. It’s great to have such emotions in your performances, yet artists are faced with such such critiques every single day. 

“I just want to tell my sisters that I love them and I’m sorry,” says Beatrice. Simon is right. There is far too much on this little girl’s mind for her to truly come into her own on a live stage. I commend her for trying, though, and do believe that she should continue singing.

Top 8 Voter Rankings

8. CeCe Frey

7. Fifth Harmony

6. Paige Thomas

5. Diamond White

4. Emblem3

3. Vino Alan (For the third time!)

2. Tate Stevens

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Well, that finally woke Britney up. She’s all smiles and claps. Meanwhile, Mario is teleprompter hogging and Khloe awaits her turn to say “Goodnight.”

It’s been a pretty upsetting Thanksgiving elimination night on The X Factor, losing two artists from Britney’s Teens category. The Top 8 will move into next week’s live performances, knowing that the competition is growing more and more intense. Join us Wednesday night on FOX!

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