Read no further unless you’re unfazed by a BIG OL’ BACHELORETTE SPOILER ALERT!!! 

Bachelorette spoilers are flying fast and furiously ahead of Monday’s big premiere. Which is why the sleuths over at the Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Forum deserve extra credit for getting the biggest pre-season scoop of the week! (Even before a certain other big spoiler site has officially leaked the news…)

A forum poster by the name of “Love_Me” (and we will, if she’s right!) says she’s been able to confirm, with absolutely “no doubt” in her mind, that these two men are Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s final two:


Jef Holm, the 27-year-old, skateboard-wielding water entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah


Sean Lowe, the 28-year-old, rockhard-ab-having insurance agent (who possesses said abs because he moonlights as a fitness model) from Dallas, Texas.

Guess Emily likes the baby-faced boys! (I kid. But they do both have a youthful charm about them, don’t they?) Here’s what we know about Jef and Sean from their ABC questionnaires: 

Jef Holm:


What are your 3 worst attributes? 

Impatient, Perfectionist, Fun Loving 

 Do you prefer “hot spot” type clubs or low-key bars and why? 

Low key I like to talk 

Do you consider yourself romantic and why? 

Absolutely. I always have been more than anyone I know. 

What is your greatest regret? 

Not playing soccer for any of the teams that recruited me after high school because I “thought” I was in love.

Sean Lowe:


What is your greatest achievement to date? 

Earned a full scholarship to college through football. 

Which U.S. city is the most romantic to you and why? 

New York City – It’s so big yet so inviting. So many great places to go in NYC. 

What is your biggest date fear? 

Forgetting my wallet. 

What is your motto? 

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Now this information might not mean much to you yet, but it would appear that both Jef and Sean will make big impressions on Emily the very first night. So keep your eyes out for these two during the May 14 premiere — though that shouldn’t be difficult, seeing that they’re both pretty easy on the eyes. Even better, they both seem like stand-up, charming guys. Which is great since it sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot of them in the coming weeks and months.

Tell us: What do you think of Emily’s alleged final two?

(Source: Bachelor & Bachelorette Fans Forum, Images courtesy of ABC)

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