It seems not everyone is a fan of The Voice – including a former contestant. Last night after the eliminations, Erin Martin of Team Cee Lo had some not-so-nice thoughts to share about the show and her eccentric, cat-loving coach.

Martin gave an underwhelming performance of “Walk Like an Egyptian” on Monday night that we ranked at the bottom of the group. So it wasn’t a surprise when she was in the bottom three of Cee Lo’s team last night, along with Cheesa and Tony Vincent. For her last chance performance, Martin sang Elton John’s “Your Song,” but it wasn’t enough to keep her safe, and Cee Lo chose Cheesa to stay in the competition.

Afterwards, Martin told Access Hollywood that she was “so glad to be over this competition,” claiming that she was “over it.” She continued to explain that both her first blind audition (“Hey There Delilah”) and last chance performances were “fabulous” because those were songs she was able to choose. “The control was in my hands and when I gave that creative control over, it didn’t go so well,” she said, referring to her coach Cee Lo’s decisions for her live performance, adding to, “the direction that Cee Lo was taking me with the music and the song choices… it was all wrong.”

Martin continued to knock the show when talking with The Hollywood Reporter, saying she would not have joined The Voice looking back on her experience, because “they told us that we got to choose our songs for lives shows and in reality we didn’t get to choose our songs so that kind of sucks.” She says her example on the show was “a good lesson to Cee Lo that, when you come across a voice like mine, you have to nurture it, and he wasn’t the right person to do it.” When pressed whether one of the other coaches might have been better, Martin said “no,” claiming she is the only person to nurture her voice.

As the last nail in the coffin, Martin called The Voice “a TV show, not a singing competition – it’s purely fun for me.” While Martin may not have the fuzziest feelings towards her former coach (“I wasn’t his girl, I was on his team – that was about it”), Cee Lo seemed to have nothing but love for the former model: “Erin makes me laugh. She’s so, so unique and so wonderfully strange, like me. I’ll miss having that side of myself around” (via THR).

Having a cavalier attitude so disparate from those of her co-contestants (both former and current) may have been part of Martin’s downfall on the show. Do you think it was Martin’s time to leave? What do you think of her choice words about the reality competition?

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