Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow submitted a post to regretting her comment about the lack of quality restaurants in the OC area. And now she’s even asking fans to prove her wrong.

Heather, with the help of all of her girlfriends who are all made of money, is planning on opening a restaurant in the area near her home. She said on the show, “There are no good restaurants in Orange County, that’s why we are opening a restaurant.”

“Yes, ok, I said that,” she wrote on “A regrettable comment for sure. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone in the industry. The truth is, if you haven’t watched RHOC yet this season, I can be… well… picky.”

She explains that her finickiness comes from all of the time she lived in New York, where you can’t throw a stick without hitting at least two gourmet restaurants worthy of Miss Heather’s caliber.

“I felt like my culinary experiences came to a grinding halt,” she wrote. “That’s not to say there aren’t some places I love in the OC. The problem is, I find myself going to those same places over and over because I can’t find anywhere else to go.”

Although she admitted to regretting her comments, she also posed a challenge for other OC dwellers who may have taken offense to her comments.

“Instead of lambasting me about the comment I made on the show, dear readers, I challenge you to PROVE ME WRONG!” Heather wrote. “With YOUR help, I intend to seek out and review local restaurants in an attempt to find the little gems that we have here that I have not been introduced to. SHOW ME. Then, I will eat CROW… or pig’s feet, tripe, sweetbreads or whatever it is the restaurant specializes in.”

A brave challenge for a housewife, especially one as snooty as the self-proclaimed “Miss Fancypants.” But we really do love the idea of Heather eating pig’s feet…

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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