Tired of blind auditions yet? I hope not, because tonight The Voice is at it once again! Teams Christina, Adam, Cee Lo and Blake are still on the search for 12 members of show stopping talented artists each.

I know that we have all seen it firsthand now and I have mentioned the celebrity coaches hesitations, but by golly I’m going to repeat myself once more. It looks as though the coaches’ main goal is to find “the winner” and not “strong talent.” Yes, the point of the show is to have the winning artist who remains standing in the end, yet let’s not forget to help those singers/performers who may not claim the main prize but still have so much to offer. It irks me to see everyone looking back and forth, hands hovering over their buttons when they must be acting this way because whoever they’re listening to is worth checking out their competition. Can I get an “Amen!”?

I’m off my soap box now. Let the games begin, Carson!

With a name and look like that which Ducky owns, special must be the only word to describe what’s to come. With a pinch twist of the handlebar mustache, it’s time to go. He spastically struts to “Chosen Up.” The performance is a bit “Jagger-ish,” yet Adam simply bobs his head to the tune. Absolutely no one hit their button. This guy was quirky and entertaining!

Excuses, excuses, excuses: Christina lets poor Ducky know that they “all wish they would have pressed their buttons right now.” Even Blake, in his confessional, tells America that he’ll probably think about losing that one. Carson, knows that they all made the wrong choice.

Hey, I have the answer to these shenanigans! Why not place partitions in between the judges. This way there are no ridiculous “Hey, you hit your button,” “No, you hit yours” conversations and some actual work will get done. Back me up, people!

Our next contestant, Jonathas, is a family man. Music means more than the norm to him, it’s how he learned English. You’ve really got to love this show. To look at Jonathas, you would think he would come out rocking with his mohawk and tattoos, yet he croons out “U Got it Bad.” The girls go CRAZY as he begins dancing. Cee Lo and Christina hit their buttons, but way too late. The song is almost over and THEN they turn around!

How inappropriate can these celebrities get?: After Christina mentions wanting to “package” Jonathas, Cee Lo chimes in with “Christina has package on her mind!” Well, if he’s smart he would listen because she knows “what a girl wants.” Clever, right? I know!

Team Picked: Christina

Monique Benabou resembles a young Gloria Estefan, but on a very serious note, she helped care for her mom while beating cancer.
The fight and power shines through as she attacks “Mr. Know It All.” There may be a few pitch problems, but it’s nothing she couldn’t work on. Christina turns around and smiles proudly.

There is some serious Christina butt-kissing right now: Blake commends Christina for being “the greatest female singer of our generation.” Adam agrees in Monique’s favor “how exciting is this” as he points down the row.

Team Picked (for her): Christina

Naia Kete is a street performer and her day is about to get a lot brighter as Carson Daly drops off her invitation to audition for The Voice! “It means everything to me,” she says excitedly. It’s pretty amazing that her mother and her younger sister all share the amazingly long dreadlocks she sports. Her island feel is perfect for “The Lazy Song.” Blake is quick to spin around. With the sound of some vocal ad-libbing, Cee Lo follows.

“Overt flirtation”: “Cee Lo, you push all my buttons,” giggles Naia. Apparently, Blake has lost before even speaking. He does do some pretty great sweet talking, though, which warrants a hand clap that he stands and bows for. I don’t think I’d get any work done for laughing so much, if I were on his team.

Team Picked: Blake

Ok, wait, Charlotte Sometimes had a hit single right?
Yes! She sang “How I Could Just Kill a Man.” Apparently, touring with Warped Tour doesn’t always work out for the best.

Erick Macek is up now coming a long way from personal struggle. Guitar in tow, he takes on “Free Fallin’.” He has a very unique and interesting voice that makes you really wonder what else he has to offer. The coaches remain with their backs facing Erick, pondering it all. They miss out on yet another great talent.

The worst thing you can hear after seeing not one coach turn around:
“I damn near pushed my button.” How lame can you be, Blake? Outside of your effortless ability to make me laugh and sing so much better than I could.

Charlotte Sometimes has actually persevered through a jaw disease which caused her not to sing for quite some time (clever again). She takes on “Apologize” with a certain jazzy, dreamy, quirky twist that both Adam and Blake approve of. They watch on while Christina and Cee Lo decide to hit their buttons together. What a comeback for Charlotte!

Cee Lo on his fellow celeb coaches: Christina and Adam are always at each others’ necks. So why not suggest that they get everything out in the open? “You guys should get a room.” No, I don’t see this one happening.

Team Picked: Blake

Broadway comes to The Voice by way of Tony Vincent. He’s been in shows like RENT and Who Will Rock You, but he loves pop and rock. I’m sorry, but I just have to say that he sort of looks like Powder or Billy Corgan. The mesh of the two sings “We Are the Champions” with true rock star power and an obvious comfort on stage. Cee Lo turns around first.

More people should pay attention to what Carson is doing backstage: Tony has a pregnant girlfriend watching Tony on the screen. As Cee Lo hits his button, Carson pulls the girl in for a hug that only a good friend should give, or maybe not even that good of a friend.

Team Picked (for him): Cee Lo

Anthony Evans is a pastor’s son, but not just any pastor, he leads one of the largest congregations in Texas. There’s a struggle to establish himself as a gospel act; hopefully the coaches can help him. There’s a breathy, honey element to his vocals. Cee Lo misses out by thinking about hitting his button. Christina is the only one who follows through.

Words of wisdom from Blake Shelton: “Never touch another man’s button.” Definitely words to live by, I suppose.

Team Picked (for him): Christina

The next field trip takes us to Chicago where Jamie Lono works at Potbelly sandwich shop.
I guess Carson was busy since his co-worker hands over his invitation. Making his way through bankruptcy and having a growth on his lung is pretty impressive. Also impressive is his rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues.” It’s more folk than country and awesome! Adam hits, then Cee Lo hits. These two will duke it out.

The best reason Jamie should pick Cee Lo: Jamie gushes that this is great because he makes sandwiches for a living. Cee Lo replies, “We should hookup because I eat sandwiches!”

Team Picked: Cee Lo

Dylan Chambers learned his love for music through theater while missing out on a relationship with his father. Somehow his lack of a father propelled him further in a life filled with music. His performance is obviously showy as he sings “Valerie.” Could he be too “pop”? He’s doing “The Carlton” dance from The Fresh Prince. Sorry, kid. No one hit their buttons.

Oh well…
Nathan Anderson, Luna Searles, and Adam Lasher all sound really good, in my opinion. Yet none of them make anyone’s team roster. Carson hit’s the nail on the head when he says “the coaches are being extremely picky.”

Knowing Carson Daly gives you perks, like that of Justin Hopkins who was a part of the Carson Daly Show house band. Singing “Babylon,” he uses raspy vocals with a great range to get the crowd on their feet. Before taking the stage, Justin made it known that he wants to work with Cee Lo and guess who is the ONLY coach to turn around.

Team Picked (for him): Cee Lo

Nicole Gaylon wants to bring the piano to the forefront of country music. She sits at the baby grand belting out “You Save Me.” Adam swivels around happily and Nicole’s family jump around and rejoice in the viewing room.

Adam Levine has a certain effect, but not just on the contestants:
Blake is convinced that Adam made Nicole emotional when she saw his face, but he also says “you do that for me.”

Here’s a few more additions to the teams…
Ashley De La Rose to Team Christina. Jordan Rager and ALyX to Blake. Karla Davis to Team Adam.

Mathai comes from a family focused on the medical field. It might be a divergence from the community’s norm, but she’s determined to be a singer. We’ll check in with her in a bit.

Tension between him and his father has since been resolved, but the struggle once fueled Eric Tipton’s efforts in music. He’s a unassuming “white guy,” but “You Make My Dreams Come True” sounds normal coming from his lips. He sounds great, yet no one seems to care.

Note to self: Don’t perform songs by the original artist because the coaches are too much reminded of who is obviously not on the stage behind them. I know this makes no sense; that’s exactly my point in typing it out. There is a method to the madness.

Lastly, let us return to Mathai who wants to prove to her family that singing is her calling.
Okay, this one you really just have to hear for yourself. We all know Adele has an amazing voice, but Mathai has destroyed “Rumor Has It.” Adam knows what that’s about. He hits his button first. Blake is next. Cee Lo turns around last.

Three guys and one girl: Blake says he wants uniqueness on his team. Adam says he’s “desperate.” Cee Lo showers her with pretty compliments.

Team Picked: Adam

Team Roster Round Up:

Team Adam – 10
Team Cee Lo – 9
Team Blake – 10
Team Christina – 10

Alright, kiddos! There is only one more night of blind auditions left, so the coaches most likely kick up the petty picky-ness. Yes, I like to make up words here. Anywho, tune back in to The Voice next Monday night on NBC at 8/7c to find out who will round out the celebrity coaches’ rosters.

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