Now that Elena is a full-fledged vampire, things can get a little crazy in Mystic Falls (crazier than usual anyway). If the Vampire Diaries video and spoilers we have here are anything to go by, this craziness will erupt in high-school drama, violent killings, motorcycles and parties.

Actually, that sounds pretty typical for The Vampire Diaries.

WARNING: There are Vampire Diaries spoilers for the upcoming episode, “The Rager,” in this article. If you want to go into the episode without any hints about what will happen, this is probably not the best reading material for you.

Get on the Bike or Get out of Town

This video clip from “The Rager” shows a conversation between Damon and Stefan. The two brothers are arguing (as usual) about how to deal with both Elena and Connor, the new hunter in town. Check it out below:

  • I would say Stefan is long overdue for a mid-life crisis. But how did people express such crises back in the early 20th century, before they had sports cars and motorcycles?
  • Is a motorcycle really the cure for the depression of undeath?
  • “I’m gonna help her have some fun.” “Those who can’t do, teach.” This is possibly the best use of this saying ever.
  • You know, I had totally forgotten about the whole “losing brother leaves town” thing. That is probably for the best.
  • Dramatic? When is anybody on this show not dramatic?

Back to School

Just because she is a vampire now, that doesn’t mean Elena gets out of her senior year at high school. But things won’t be easy for the girl. Most of this has to do with the return of Rebekah. Now that Klaus has disowned her (again), Rebekah will be looking to make contacts at the school instead.

No surprise that this doesn’t work for Elena. “We get to embrace the social politics of high school,” TVD executive producer Julie Plec explained to “Elena’s just a roller coaster of anger and hostility and compassion and sadness. Watching Rebekah push her buttons to the extreme drives Elena to a pretty dark place.”

But at least Rebekah has her party to distract her from destroying Elena’s afterlife. Having moved out of the house she shared with Klaus, Rebekah will celebrate her new place with a party. But will anybody show up?

We will find out in “The Rager,” airing on Thursday, October 25 at 8pm on The CW.

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