Fringe fans, prepare yourself for one of the most epic and emotional episodes ever. “The Bullet That Saved the World” is certainly going to go down as one of those installments of Fringe that people talk about forever.

Why? While I can’t give too much away, here are 10 Fringe spoilers to show you just how amazing “The Bullet That Saved the World” truly is.

One warning in advance of this episode though. When I describe “The Bullet That Saved the World” as epic and emotional, I mean it. I spent most of the last 10 minutes of the episode gritting my teeth because of the tension. There may have also been tears.

This is not an episode to be taken lightly.

So here is what I can tell you about “The Bullet That Saved the World.”

1. Broyles is back! He is very wrinkly. Fans of Lance Reddick will not be disappointed by his role in the story. It may have taken awhile, but Broyles gets to be important again. Also, future Broyles has a very nice car.

2. One of the characters has an explosive (literally) run-in with the Observers and Loyalists within the first few minutes of the episode.

3. There is another video. It’s about as directly helpful as the others. Walter really should have considered DVDs. Fortunately, Walter actually remembers a reference in this video. His memory involves this line: “Like everyone, I was terrified that the Pinkos would attack!”

4. As a fan of French-language comics since my teen years, I love Walter’s latest Astrid nickname.

5. If you ever needed proof that grape licorice lasts longer than donuts, this is your episode. Seriously, don’t eat donuts while watching “The Bullet That Saved the World.”

6. Something called the dove has importance.

7. Astrid: “Technically, this is a weapon of mass destruction!”
   Walter: “So is a mosquito if it carries West Nile.”

8. The Fringe episode that creeped me out the most of any Fringe episode ever gets a major shout-out in “The Bullet That Saved the World.”

9. Everybody thinks that Etta looks like Olivia. Everybody.

10. The Observers do not understand the nature of love. But they definitely know how to make use of it.

“The Bullet That Saved the World” airs on Friday, October 26 at 9pm on FOX. You don’t want to miss this one.

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