In tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, the team tackles the case of an Unsub who is not interested in killing or torturing his victims and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has a new lady in his life.

Not exactly St. Mary’s

The Unsub in this episode is performing amputations on his victims, namely of their legs. The team wonders if the Unsub might be selling the legs on the black market, but they quickly disprove that theory. Eventually, Reid realizes the Unsub is using his victims as experiments to see if he can successfully re-attach a foreign leg to someone’s body.

The agents figure out that the Unsub is doing these experiments as a way to ‘fix’ someone close to him. It turns out that the Unsub’s wife has a limb deformity from chicken pox and he was trying to make her better. The team gets there in time to save the latest victim and the Unsub is arrested.

Is Reid in Love?

Before leaving for the case, Reid makes a call to a mysterious woman whom he has apparently been calling every Sunday for six months. The woman asks about Reid’s headaches and he says that he has not had any since trying her treatment suggestions. The two flirt a bit, but their call is interrupted when the case comes in.

At one point, Reid asks his friend if she is being safe and if ‘he’ knows about them. (She is and ‘he’ doesn’t.) Who is ‘he’ and why do Reid and his friend have to keep their relationship such a secret? Will Reid’s friend, who casually drops the word love into one of their conversations, let Reid and the team help her deal with the seemingly dangerous man in her life?

Secrets Between Friends

Lately, Reid has been acting very cagey and the others are beginning to notice. During the case, Reid calls his friend for a consult and Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) questions Reid about what is going on. All Reid will tell her is that his friend is female and he wants to keep their relationship on the dl. Blake remains mum about Reid’s new friend and after a bit of teasing, Morgan (Shemar Moore) seems satisfied just to know that Reid has a special lady in his life.

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