Glee hasn’t been on the air since February 21. The wait for Gleeks has been unbearable, especially when there hasn’t been a whole lot of news on specific storylines. But with the hit FOX musical returning a week from tonight, let’s preview what to expect when the show returns for the rest of the season, other than what we’ve already reported on (Whitney Houston tribute, Saturday Night Fever tribute, Puck’s father).

More on Matt Bomer as Blaine’s Brother

The big cliffhanger that will hopefully be resolved is Quinn’s car accident. But in the next all-new episode, to air April 10, Blaine’s brother, played by Matt Bomer, will be stopping by. Bomer’s character’s name is Cooper Anderson (a cute little word-play on CNN journalist Anderson Cooper’s name). Since the two Anderson brothers will be together, don’t you want to know what their childhood was like? If so, then you’re in luck because Glee will be showing a flashback to sometime during their childhood.

FOX just released the press release for this episode: “Much to Blaine’s chagrin, his big-shot Hollywood actor brother, Cooper (Guest Star Bomer), comes to visit in the all-new Spring Premiere ‘Big Brother’ episode of Glee airing Tuesday, April 10 (8-9pm) on FOX.” This synopsis is extremely vague, not to mention there’s no talk of Quinn, though the promos on TV have said we will see the aftermath to that tragedy.

But no matter, it looks like Blaine is not going to be happy with Cooper showing up. Does Cooper end up overshadowing his brother (maybe due to the above scoop that Cooper is a Hollywood actor)? Do they have a bad history with each other, which would warrant the flashback?

Speaking of the Anderson brothers, take a look at the image at the top of this article for a first look at Bomer as Cooper.

A Theatrical Grande Dame Comes to Glee

E! Online is reporting a very interesting bit of casting news: “How about that the FOX hit is currently looking to cast an imposing theatrical grande dame who would appear this season and next? Could this possibly have to do with Kurt and Rachel’s post-McKinley High plans? Time will tell…”

Whoopi Cast on Glee>>

I found this highly intriguing. As Kristin Dos Santos alluded to above, I was thinking along the same lines that this casting information has to do with Kurt and Rachel. We already know that even though the two of them will be graduating by this season’s end, they will still be on the show next season in what Ryan Murphy has termed a “revolutionary” year. A theatrical grande dame: This sounds just like a New York theater school instructor, if you ask me.

A Glee Tribute to Tommy?

It has already been confirmed and extensively discussed that there are two tribute episodes coming up: one for Whitney Houston and one for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. But will there be another? There have been rumors going around lately that yet another tribute will make its way onto the show before season 3 ends. How about one for the rock opera, Tommy? Some of you may be going, “Who’s Tommy?” I have to admit I don’t think I’m familiar with Tommy, either.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Now we hear that Glee producer Ryan Murphy plans a lavish remake of Tommy for the hit FOX show that has lost a little of its heat recently. The Tommy episode, if it happens, will no doubt run longer than the usual hour. It’s hard to imagine something as epic as Tommy, cut down.” They also mention that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend may be guest stars in the episode.

Keep in mind that this is still very much a rumor at this point. We haven’t heard anything from Ryan Murphy or anybody else connected to Glee on the matter, not even hints. The only clue suggesting this may happen is that MJsBigBlog has confirmed that a two hour episode will air on May 15; the above report mentioned the Tommy tribute would most likely run long. If this turns out to be true, we will share the latest updates.

What are you most looking forward to seeing on Glee: Matt Bomer, the theatrical grande dame or the possible Tommy tribute?

Glee returns April 10 at 8pm on FOX.

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