Last week, saw the workshop come to life, or rather limped along, according to the critics who were in the room watching the preview performances. Will that not-so-welcome reception change the game for Marilyn: The Musical and how they proceed going forward? Four preview clips (as well as one song) have been released ahead of “The Coup.”

According to NBC, tonight “The team deals with the aftermath of the workshop. Ivy remains in the dark about her fate, while Derek recruits Karen to help him steal the musical from Tom and Julia. Eileen must face up to her ex-husband, Jerry, when their daughter Katie (guest star Grace Gummer) plays a surprise visit from India.”

As I mentioned, the workshop didn’t go so well. And Julia is down in the dumps about it. So her husband Frank (remember him, Julia?) serenades her in the bedroom. Take a look:

Recently, Eileen found a new apartment to live in now that she’s trying to move on from her husband. But family issues aren’t going away completely, as their daughter Katie (played by Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep’s real-life daughter) makes a surprise visit:

Ever since the pilot, fans have been wondering why Tom dislikes Derek so much. He didn’t really want Derek to be the director, and now we find out why. Here’s a clip of the two of them confronting each other head-on:

Now how about another performance? Here’s Karen performing “Touch Me,” a performance that has been teased quite a bit, and we started seeing previews for this number quite a while ago. And now we finally get to see it:

Speaking of “Touch Me,” here’s the audio version of this Katharine McPhee performed song:

And here’s a TV spot promo for “The Coup”:

In the official episode description, it’s mentioned that “Derek recruits Karen to help him steal the musical from Tom and Julia.” A little naughty, right? Executive Producer Neil Meron tells TVLine that “It’s a bit sneaky with what Derek is trying to pull, even though he doesn’t think it is.” What about Karen? “She’s kind of an innocent about it. Ivy is there to observe the whole thing.”

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