The Vampire Diaries finally returns this week with new episodes — and new twists and new betrayals and new relationship-angst and new deaths and more! With so much newness, it’s fitting that the next episode is called “The New Deal.” What exactly can we expect from this episode? Keep reading for a video preview and all the Vampire Diaries spoilers you could want!

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead. I’m fairly certain that none of them will ruin your viewing experience, but caution is still advised.

Is it even a spoiler at this point to say that a character will die on The Vampire Diaries? It happens in almost every episode. Still…

There will be at least two deaths in “The New Deal.” We’re not talking about a couple of random high school students in the background either. These deaths are front and center in the episode and both lead to potentially important developments as The Vampire Diaries season 4 continues.

Also, I should mention that at least one of the deaths seems permanent. And involves a meat cleaver.

Odd Couples
There are a lot of pairings of characters in “The New Deal.” Some of them are a little unusual.

Why would Jeremy and Tyler spend quality time together? What could Damon and Klaus possibly find to discuss over drinks? Which surprising character will make first contact with badass Stefan?

Some of the answers are definite surprises.
The Angst of Teenage/Vampire/Hybrid/Witch Romance
Without giving away any actual romances that may or may not have developments, let’s just say that The Vampire Diaries does not neglect its soapy and tragic love stories in this episode. We can even expect the glimmerings of a new romance for one of the show’s main characters. The object of this affection will be a member of a previously ignored Founding Family.

As for the rest of the romantic stuff, you will have to wait. But it’s worth it.

Klaus has not yet departed Mystic Falls. He still needs his be-coffined family, after all. And Klaus is definitely not above the use of threats and violence in his attempts to get them back. Fortunately for all that is good and right in the world, there are a whole bunch of forces out to thwart him.

Klaus actually spends most of the episode in information-gathering mode. But, since this is Klaus we’re talking about, information-gathering might be confused with random-acts-of-savage-violence-against-beloved-characters-to-prove-a-point.

The results prove that it’s fairly dangerous to deny Klaus what he wants.

Specific Spoilers
Has this article been too vague? Sorry. As an apology, let me offer some actual, specific spoilers from “The New Deal.”

  • Elena goes for a jog.
  • Alaric grades history papers.
  • Jeremy drinks beer.
  • Klaus uses a cell phone.
  • Elena, Jeremy and Alaric sit down to a family dinner.

I swear these are all actual, not-unimportant plot points. What could they mean? You can find out for sure when The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday, January 5 at 8pm.

Until then, check out this preview for “The New Deal”:

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