Coming Around Again

It’s old home week. EJ surfaces alive and well, and running from Stratton and his hired gun. Surprisingly, DiNozzo has a little bit of an issue with her lack of communication for months, not to mention the whole leaving him for dead thing a few months back. But she thought he was a goner! This girl could learn a few things from the NCIS team about assuming the untimely deaths of teammates. Tony and company went all the way to Africa to find Ziva after not hearing from her for months. I think checking Tony for a pulse before taking off would have been a bit easier.

Finish the Job

Stratton (AKA Cole) is also back and hot on EJ’s trail. This guy is like a Terminator – he’s not going to give up until the job is done. He goes so far as to kill his partner in crime when Latham tells him that SECNAV knows their past connection and wants to chat with him. Stratton and Latham went to all that trouble to steal those microchips and sell them to the highest bidder (and we still don’t know who bought them). If I’d made that kind of cash, I’d be on a beach on my private island, not running around D.C. slicing and dicing people.

Fooled Ya

Before Cole kills him, Latham lets the location of the safe house slip to Cole. Seems SECNAV is pretty specific when he gets chatty with his old friends. Next thing we know, Cole is outside the safe house with a rocket launcher. House blows up. Ziva, McGee and Gibbs capture him with the help of a bunch of other agents waiting in the wings. Cole is resigned to his fate, but smirking knowing that his mission is complete. That is, until Gibbs chats with Tony and lets him know that it’s all over. SECNAV is surprisingly adept at planting false info. But this might not be the last we’ve seen of Cole, even though he’s in custody. He knows about Gibbs and Pedro Hernandez. Does everyone know about that by now? They could probably print it in the Washington Post at this point and nobody would blink. But the fact that Cole brought it up makes me think we haven’t seem the last of him.

So Close, So Far Away

Even EJ can see there’s something more than workplace camaraderie between Ziva and Tony. When she tries to tell Tony, he actually seems to hear her. So much so that when all is calm back at the NCIS office, it seems like DiNozzo could be ready to reach out to Agent David. The two have a moment…until Ziva gets a long awaited call from Ray, her long distance paramour. Once again, Tony puts on a happy face and tells Ziva to take the call. I’m all for romantic drama, but it’s time for something to actually happen between these two.

Crystal Waters
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