The Vampire Diaries began its third season with an episode sure to infuriate Stefan lovers. His summer with Klaus was very bad indeed as Stefan has embraced the dark side and is now doing some very bad things. I don’t mean jaywalking, I’m talking about ripping bodies apart and killing Damon’s girlfriend. It’s pretty rough.

Stefan and Klaus: Very Bad Things

The episode kicks off in Tennessee where Klaus, sporting a terrible southern accent, talks his way into the home of two young women. He’s looking for a werewolf named Ray Sutton, and that’s when we start to see the full depth of Stefan’s newfound evil. Here are the three awful things we saw Stefan do:

-He killed the two girls and we learn that his nickname is Ripper because he gets so high on the blood that he blacks out and rips his victims’ bodies apart, later feeling remorse and putting them back together.

-When they find Ray Sutton (7th Heaven‘s David Gallagher), Klaus wants to know where his pack is, so he has Stefan throw wolfsbane-tipped darts at Ray until he talks.

-Finally, since Damon is tracking them, Stefan goes back to Mystic Falls and kidnaps Damon’s compelled reporter girlfriend Andi Starr. He puts her on top of the rafters, calls Damon, holds him down, then compels Andi to jump to her death.

That’s some cold-blooded stuff, and despite his eventual phone call to Elena, I’m not sure how The Vampire Diaries is going to redeem him. Damon did plenty of killing, but never anything this brutal or evil.

Later Klaus reveals his plan, which is to make Ray drink his blood before snapping his neck. That’s right, Klaus wants to create more werevamp hybrids to be his slaves.

Damon and Elena: The Worst Birthday Ever

Elena’s 18th birthday starts off well enough as she walks in on Damon in the nude, air drying after his bubble bath. But it’s all downhill from there when Caroline throws a raging kegger, Jeremy starts doing drugs again, Alaric moves out of the Gilbert house and Elena discovers that Damon has secretly been tracking Stefan without telling her.

Elena confronts Damon about it, but after watching Andi die, he’s pretty sure Stefan is gone for good and she’ll never see him again, at least the version she knew and loved. I have to side with Damon on this one, but in her final scene, Stefan calls Elena and she says that she loves him and asks him to always remember that so he can eventually come back from doing Klaus’ dirty work. I wonder how she’ll feel if she gets a front-row seat to the horrors that Ripper is actually committing.

Jeremy and Matt: Stoner Buddies

These two loveable dudes become fast friends over some weed and ice cream. If they take a trip to White Castle, I’ll be in Heaven. Jeremy got a job at Mystic Grill for the summer and is still freaked out about seeing his dead vampire girlfriends. Matt, meanwhile, is depressed that his ex-girlfriend is dating his best friend. When Matt overhears Jeremy says Vicki’s name he wants to know why, and Jeremy confesses that he sees her. Matt, who is stoned out of his damn mind, assumes he’s speaking figuratively. So he knows about vampires, werewolves and witches, but ghosts is where he draws the line?

Caroline and Tyler: Horny Teens

Finally, Caroline and Tyler are spending a lot of time together, but not technically dating. They’re both super horny, because that’s what being a supernatural teenager does to you, and after Caroline gets jealous of Tyler’s date to the party, she jumps Tyler’s bones and the two have some intense supernatural sex.

Good for them, but the morning after isn’t so good when Caroline sneaks out of the Lockwood mansion and gets caught by Tyler’s mom. Caroline reaches for her purse but it has some vervain on it, and Tyler’s mom uses that as proof of her suspicion that Caroline is a vampire, so Mayor Lockwood shoots Caroline with about a million vervain needles.

I’ve heard of mothers not approving of their sons’ girlfriends before, but this takes it to a whole new level. I’m also starting to feel bad for Caroline, because the season 2 premiere ended with her getting killed and turned into a vampire. That girl has the worst like at the end of the season premieres.

So we have evil Stefan, a plan to create an army of werevamp hybrids, Jeremy and Matt’s pot-based friendship, some hot Tyler-Caroline action and naked Damon. That’s a pretty great start to what looks like a bloody and death-filled season.

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