Last week, Fringe began to release YouTube videos meant to catch viewers up on where the show has gotten to by the beginning of its upcoming fourth season. The first videos in the “Past + Present + Future” series gave an overview of the Fringe universe (or universes, as the case may be) and a look into the pivotal kidnapping of Peter. Now, your Fringe education/reeducation can continue with four more videos.

How can you keep Walter and Walternate straight? How did Olivia come to join the Fringe Division? Who can cross between universes? What is the Doomsday device and what does it have to do with Peter? Watch the videos for all of the answers.

Click here to watch the first two Fringe: Past + Present + Future videos.

Two Walters
Since Fringe deals with two universe, there are duplicates of almost all of the characters (with a few exceptions where one alternate has already died). But none are more important to the central storyline than Walter Bishop and his parallel doppelganger, Walternate.

“A Tale of Two Walters” examines the relationship between the men. Watch below:

Basically, it’s an extended montage of scenes from the past. Enjoy the look of ’80s-era Walter!

Hello Fringe!
The second of the new videos, “Fringe Takes Flight,” explores the events that brought Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop into the Fringe world.

It’s a little strange to realize exactly how disgusting the premiere of Fringe was. Still, the fact that they brought up the creepy influence of Massive Dynamic and Nina Sharpe on the events is pretty cool. Makes you wonder how many of the earlier storylines might come back to the forefront in season 4.

The Past Explains Everything
Video number three is “Echoes of the Past.” This one brings in such spooky and important characters as William Bell, Robert David Jones and the shapeshifters.

Ah, ZFT! Remember when that seemed like the central motivation of the show? It’s been awhile. It is nice to have the flashbacks, though, since it’s easy to forget how much the current plot has to do with those confusing, earlier stories.

Over There!
The final video posted thus far is called “The Other Side,” dealing of course with the parallel universe and its considerable issues.

  • Hey, it’s Charlie Francis! I’m not sure they’ve bothered to mention him in any of the other videos.
  • Amber is creepy.
  • Ah, Peter and Olivia falling in love…
  • I’d kind of forgotten exactly how angry Peter was when he figured out the alternate universe/kidnapping thing.

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