The CW has given us Supernatural taglines like, “What you don’t understand can kill you” and “Good. Evil. And everyone in between.” But we were sure you could come up with better.

Recently, we asked fans on our Supernatural Insider page on Facebook to get creative and come up with their own taglines for this beloved series.

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Check out the best responses to the question: “How would you describe Supernatural in one sentence?”

Karmyn Crabb: Pretty boys fighting monsters.

Teija Pirttisalo: I like the Latin sentence: Non timebo mala (I will fear no evil) … It describes Supernatural so well.

Anna “Angie” Kanerova:
It’s not just a TV show; it’s a lifestyle

Desiree Lopez: The little horror show that could.

Kat Siffel:
Believe everything you see and hear, because what’s under the bed … is REAL!

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Shosanna Moore

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