Bones has a lot going on right about now. Snipers, relationships, babies… All that excitement tends to bring up a lot of questions. And who better to answer those questions than Hart Hanson, the creator and executive producer of Bones?

We had a chance to ask Hanson our questions, and he gave us some pretty good responses. Keep reading to find out about the future of Bones (Micah! Avalon Harmonia! Squinterns!), casting and that potential spin-off series.

BuddyTV: Do you have any sort of an end-date in mind for Bones? How long do you see the show lasting?

Hart Hanson: We don’t know our end date, that depends upon the network. We do know how we’d like to end the series … which means that this time of year is a little bit anxiety inducing for us because we haven’t been picked up for Season VII yet and if Bones is to end in Season VI we’re exactly at the point when we’d like to start the run toward our planned ending. But we are confident of being picked up, despite the anxiety. And TV is not well known for a lack of panic and instant adjustment.

I think Bones has a few more years left in it. A very solid cast, a good story engine, and engaging lead actors – it’s lightning in a bottle. But the TV Gods are capricious and audiences very hard to both claim and keep. That’s a long way of saying “who knows?”

BuddyTV: Where do the writers find inspiration for the endless parade of corpses? News? Horror stories?

Hart Hanson: Can I just take a moment to praise the sick, twisted, macabre minds we have locked up in the writers’ room? These people find ideas everywhere. They comb the news and their own dark subconscious minds for stories. I say “no” to some and they just keep coming. I dunno if it’s good for their psyches but the Bones writers’ room is a story engine.

BuddyTV: Will the show ever revisit the concept of Brennan having a baby, especially now that Hodgins and Angela are doing so? What kind of a mother do you think she’d be?

Hart Hanson: I hope so, yes. And I think Brennan would be an awesome mother, though not at all typical.

BuddyTV: Will there be any crossover between Bones and the spin-off series after the initial episode? How do you see the two shows’ universes interacting?

Hart Hanson: I’m sincerely touched that you think I’m capable of thinking that far in the future. Bones and the spin-off series will be copacetic in terms of tones and universe, so it’s by no means impossible. But getting through this season of Bones and getting this spin off up and going is taking all my brain juice. I sincerely hope that in six months this is a vital, pertinent, and timely question.

BuddyTV: With so many of the actors getting roles on other TV shows, how much presence will the squinterns have over the next couple of seasons?

Hart Hanson: I am pulling for the squintern actors to have all the success in the world both because they are extremely talented and because I genuinely like them as human beings and actors. But I also hope their projects are short term. Because the showrunner in me doesn’t want them working for other people. Total schizophrenia. I have a few more squintern ideas to pitch the network in case. I’m excited about them but I also want all my own squinterns to stay. It’s all very confusing.

BuddyTV: Will we be seeing returning guest stars like Cyndi Lauper or Zooey Deschanel any time soon and when?

Hart Hanson: Yes, depending upon availabilities. We are holding our breath that Cyndi Lauper will be back very, very soon. We need her. Avalon Harmonia has some important psychic advice for our gang.

BuddyTV: Will we see Micah the security guard again? And is there any chance of him interacting with anyone other than Brennan? Is he even real, or are we dealing with another brain tumor situation?

Hart Hanson: Will Michah be back? Yes. As for the rest, well, why would I tell you that? It’s a mystery.

BuddyTV: Will the fans who are in it for the romance be happy or sad by the end of the season? And can you give us any details about why?

Hart Hanson: I would be crazy to answer this question. Not only would I have to be crazy, I’d have to perceive myself as crazy. It’s a mystery.

Via Twitter, @Kriziag asked: Is it true that Bones will be shooting in Key West? What can you tell us about that episode?  

Hart Hanson: The spin-off episode of Bones will be shooting in Florida, in and around Miami mostly. We cast our lead earlier today. His name is Geoff Stults who will be playing the role of Walter Sherman. Our first casting coup was the remarkable Michael Clarke Duncan, who will be playing Leo Knox.

Via Twitter, @wellsbones asked: How will Booth be changed by the incident with the sniper? How do you expect fans to react when Booth’s actions seem unbecoming to such a hero?

Hart Hanson: Booth’s actions are utterly heroic. You may not always see why at first but you will later and I would expect the fans to appreciate that about our Booth.

Did Hart Hanson answer all of your burning questions? Is there more you would want to know? We’ll be interviewing TJ Thyne (Hodgins on Bones) soon, so visit our Bones Ultimate Fan Page on Facebook and leave your questions in the comments section!

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