It’s the last episode of Supernatural in 2012 and it’s all about the rift between Sam and Dean over Benny. Dean likes his Purgatory vamp buddy and wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sam doesn’t trust vampires and hires a former mental patient/Hunter to track him. As you might expect, it doesn’t end well. And for the 100th time, Sam and Dean are in a fight.

Benny is working at a diner (not Merlotte’s) in a small town in Louisiana (not Bon Temps) alongside a comely waitress (not named Sookie). He’s being tracked by former psych patient/Hunter Martin on Sam’s orders. That’s when some vamp attack victims show up and Sam puts 1 and 1 together.

Dean is skeptical and willing to give Benny the benefit of the doubt, but he’s also willing to investigate and vows to take out Benny if he’s really behind it. That’s perhaps the most reasonable, rational thing Dean has ever said or done.

The brothers meet up with Martin to investigate and Dean flirts with the waitress who turns out to be Benny’s great-granddaughter, Elizabeth. Dean runs off to talk to Benny one-on-one and finds out that an old vamp friend of Benny’s named Desmond is behind the attacks, trying to convince Benny to join his nest.

Dean believes him but Martin doesn’t. Things quickly turn pear-shaped as Dean runs off with Benny to gank Desmond, Sam gets a call from Amelia and immediately leaves and Martin is left scratching stranded in the woods.

Things seem to resolve themselves as Dean convinces Benny to leave and never come back. He then calls Martin to urge him to stop looking for Benny and to stop hunting. Dean tells Martin to get gone, and Martin responds, “I’m long gone.” Yes. Yes, he is.

You see, it turns out Martin was released from the nut house a little too early, because he’s totally crazy. He heads back to the diner to hold Elizabeth hostage so he can force Benny to come back. Benny does and Crazy Martin wants him to die. Since Crazy Martin is holding a knife to his great-granddaughter’s throat, Benny agrees to his terms and lays his head on the counter, ready to get chopped off.

The next thing we see is Elizabeth calling Dean for help and when he arrives he finds Crazy Martin dead. Was there really any other way this would end?

Sam’s Flashbacks

In the Nicholas Sparks novel that is Sam’s relationship with Amelia, her soldier husband Don comes back, causing some obvious tension in her romance with Sam. Don, however, seems like a stand-up dude, having a beer with Sam and promising to respect whatever Amelia decides to do, and he hopes Sam will do the same. Watch out, Sam, the last time you trusted a soldier who just came home from Afghanistan (Jake Talley) he killed you!

Sam and Dean Are Fighting Again

In the present Sam rushes to respond to Amelia’s call, only when he gets to Kermit he sees Amelia cuddled up with Don. She’s not in need of any help. It turns out Dean switched her phone number in Sam’s phone, so Dean sent the message as a way of getting Sam to leave so he could help Benny.

Needless to say, Sam is not happy that his brother used Amelia to ditch him. He’s also not happy to hear that Crazy Martin is dead and Benny killed him. Sam abruptly hangs up on his brother, meaning the two are fighting yet again.

As if to add insult to injury, Amelia shows up in the bar Sam is at. That’s gonna be awkward.

Next time on Supernatural: The show is on hiatus until January 16 (aka my birthday) when Cas, Crowley and Naomi are all back. And Cas hilariously tells Sam and Dean “I need both of you to stow your crap.” That should become the show’s unofficial motto.

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