On this week’s Parenthood “Trouble in Candyland,” musician Glen Hansard guest starred as himself. The Once star stopped by the Luncheonette to record a song with Crosby and got himself caught up in record studio’s shenanigans when his car was towed.

Check out Hansard’s performance of “High Hope.” It’s an amazing song that can be listened to over and over again.

“Why must the man lose everything to find out what he wants?” is a poignant line from the song for many of the characters this week, in particular Sarah.

Her decision to help Hank cost her Mark. Will she see all that she has lost and find a way to win her fiance back? Or, is it too late for them? She didn’t even end up helping Hank, as he still had to say goodbye to his daughter. 

Elsewhere some good happened. Crosby recruited the neighborhood residents and businesses to come and speak out at the City Council meeting in support of the Luncheonette and it was saved.

And, despite having his car towed, Hansard recorded a song at the studio. Do you love “High Hope?” I love that Parenthood brings in real artists rather than just actors to record at the Luncheonette.

Next Tuesday is the Parenthood winter finale and from the preview it looks to be a doozy. Will Kristina survive and give the Bravermans a merry Christmas? Or, will she succumb to the horrible disease?

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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(Image and video courtesy of NBC.)

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