This season of The Vampire Diaries is really ramping up! It may seem like everything is “coming up Salvatore” since Damon has Elena’s coffin in a safe place, Stefan and Caroline are one happy couple, and Bonnie successfully brought Jo back to life — but remember, looks can be deceiving.

“Live Through This” opens giving us a glance of what Bonnie’s future looks like three years from now. She is in some kind of therapy session or support group in what seems like could be a rehab or mental facility. She talks in the group about how our decisions shape our lives. She mentions her past and how she made a mistake and lost someone she loved. The session ends, and she goes back to her room where Enzo is waiting for her. He tells her that things are getting crazy on the outside, and then they start making out!!

I cannot wait to find out what the hell has happened over these three years! I mean, seriously, every plan we’ve had for these characters is not the direction their lives seem to be going.

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Like a Phoenix Rising From the Stone

The Phoenix Stone has been a pivotal element to season five of “The Vampire Diaries.” Lily has been looking for it, and Ric has been holding onto it. Bonnie was able to use the stone to cast a spell raising Oscar and Jo from the dead, but she has no idea how or why it worked. She goes to Mystic Falls hoping to get some answers from Oscar. She wants to know what kind of magic she has been dealing with. She doesn’t understand how she was able to bring two people back to life in less than 24-hours, and she also doesn’t know what the consequences are. (I feel like these are questions that she should have thought about before casting the spell.)

Bonnie is at Salvatore Mansion when she runs into Enzo. They have a argument about why she is in the city when there has been a “no trespassing” order. She finally tells him that she used the stone to revive Oscar. (Knowing what happens three years from now makes this little fight a lot more sexually charged.) Bonnie needs to get answers from Oscar, but that’s going to be difficult considering he has no memory of anything in this life. He only remembers Bonnie helping him escape.

Oscar sees the stone and says that’s where he came from! Oscar isn’t really Oscar. The stone houses lost vampire souls that can be transferred to different bodies. Oscar starts flipping out. He’s afraid that Bonnie is going to put him back into the rock. Enzo takes the stone, knowing that Lily has been looking for it, and stakes Oscar when he tries to attack him. 

For Julian or Worse

Caroline is letting Stefan go on a road trip with Damon and Valerie to track down Julian. Lily believes this is the day Julian comes home, and Valerie is determined to stop it. Caroline wants Stefan to take this time to work things out with Valerie. She wants him to have closure so he can move on. The trio make a pit stop to fuel up. Valerie suggests that Damon fills up a can of gasoline so she can have an accelerant to burn Julian’s body. Damon thinks she’s getting a little ahead of herself considering they haven’t even killed him yet. Valerie says that Julian has been dead since 1903. What the f…

They make their way to a storage locker that is housing dozens of coffins. They need to find out which one Julian is resting in. They go down each aisle opening caskets only to find them empty. Finally, they come upon one that has been sealed shut with magic. Valerie casts a spell and opens the lid. Inside is a perfectly preserved Julian. She pours the gasoline over his body and tries the incendia spell, but nothing happens. Nora and Mary Louise have shown up and are casting counter spells. Lily is there as well and she is not happy. (Side note: I’m kind of sick of Lily’s shit. She spends every episode claiming that she just wants to keep her family together, but all she’s done is abandon her true family. She’s desperate to have Julian back, and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as it’s not her. Everything Lily does is self-serving, and I’m already tired of it. That’s why what is about to happen is kind of awesome.)

Lily says Damon and Stefan must believe all the lies Valerie has spewed about Julian. The thing is, Valerie hasn’t really given any details yet. Damon asks Lily who Julian is. She says he’s the love of her life. He’s the one who can keep her on track. He is her salvation, blah, blah, blah. Basically, Julian is Lily’s Elena. Damon understands, for a second. The heretics are carting Julian’s coffin away when Valerie snaps. She says that Julian is not the things Lily claims. Julian only made Lily vindictive and cruel. She drops the knowledge bomb that Lily was the one who gave Kai the idea to use the sleeping spell on Elena. She wanted to get back at the brothers for not helping her and her family escape from the other world. Damon runs forward and chokes Lily, threatening to kill her. Bo blows up all of the caskets, sending wooden coffin shards flying all over the place. The heretics make their escape leaving Valerie, Damon, and Stefan passed out and staked.

The Real Story of Stefan and Valerie

Damon is dead-set on exacting revenge against Lily. Stefan stops him saying that they need to find Valerie first, and they can kill Lily later. Stefan finds Valerie and does what Stefan does. He removes the wooden pieces from her chest, and uses this as an opportunity to get the closure he’s been seeking. Up to this point, Valerie has had him believing their relationship was a lie. She confesses and says that it wasn’t. She tells him that she was pregnant, and was too afraid to tell him. Somehow, Julian found out about the pregnancy and ended it. He is the reason she “lost the baby.” Stefan is devastated. But that’s not all. Valerie couldn’t deal with everything Julian had done getting rid of the baby. She killed herself not knowing vampire blood was in her system. That’s how she died, and how she became a vampire. And those are the reasons she hates Julian. Stefan admits that he would have wanted a child.

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Lily Makes Her Choice

Back at the Salvatore house, Lily finds Oscar dead. Enzo fills her in that Oscar died two nights ago when Valerie killed him. He tells her Damon and Bonnie brought him back with the Phoenix Stone. Enzo says they didn’t do the spell right. Lily knows how it works The soul has to be reunited with the proper body. Enzo questions why Valerie would kill Oscar to keep Julian away from Lily. Why would she risk her life and her relationship with her entire family to keep him away? He tells her that she has to choose: Julian or him. Of course she chooses Julian. No spoiler alert there. He gives her the stone and walks away.

Damon Has a Plan and I’m Totally On Board

The heretics have Julian and the stone. They are standing around his body casting the spell. He wakes up, and remembers everything. The right soul has been matched with the right body.

Meanwhile, Damon is drinking bourbon with Bonnie. He says he hopes that Lily gets everything she wants. He hopes that she finally finds happiness and love. And then he is going to rip it away by ripping her heart out and bronzing it, or maybe even ripping her head off. Either way, he promises a lot of ripping — and this is the brother who is not the ripper.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you excited to see what Julian brings to the table? Are you as shocked at the Enzo and Bonnie relationship as I was? Sound off in the comments below.

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