The Vampire Diaries has a singular focus on the search for the cure right now. With Team Shane,  Team Klaus and Team Rebekah all wanting to find the cure for their own purposes and Kol adamant that they not wake Silas. In this kill or be killed world, something had to give and in “A View to a Kill” that happened.

The Pesky Mayor

There is one other small story playing out in Mystic Falls besides the search for the cure and that is a attempt by Mayor Hopkins to handle the supernatural problem in Mystic Falls. Despite Shane’s involvement in the killing of the council, Hopkins believes that Shane is right to be concerned about Bonnie’s new, untrained magic.

Hopkins laced the water supply in Mystic Falls with vervain to protect the residents from being  compelled. With all the compulsion and sire bond stuff going on this provided a nice escape from the annoying over-reliance on that ability. The water also became a crucial weapon for Jeremy to use to against Kol.

Bonnie’s father was so concerned for her well-being that he called her mother back to try and get through to Bonnie. Unfortunately, the young witch doesn’t realized the magic that she has released and how it is clouding her judgment. 

Going forward, will she continue down this dark path? Or, will her friends or Shane get through to her? She has such a negative view of both of her parents that they have no hope of reaching her.

Team Rebekah Gets Cozy

After a night of getting hot and heavy, Stefan tried to slip out in the morning while Rebekah still slept, but was caught at the door by Klaus. Her brother wanted the dagger and white ash from Rebekah. She wasn’t going to leave herself unprotected though and refused him.

Stefan left with Klaus to take care of the prisoner, Damon. Stefan refused to talk to Damon directly because his brother slept with Elena. Klaus either threw flames or water on the situation by revealing Stefan’s rekindled relationship with Rebekah.

They decided that to take care of the Kol situation, Stefan would get the dagger from Rebekah. That plan didn’t go exactly as planned though when both went to the canceled dance together. Stefan and Rebekah bonded and for the first time in a long time, both seemed to be happy.

Before Stefan had to decide whether or not to betray Rebekah, she handed over the dagger to him. In the end, Stefan decided that he wanted to get the cure for her, so she could become human, enjoy high school dances and have children.

If they find the cure, Stefan is sure to have an internal battle about whether to use it to cure his true love Elena or honor his word to Rebekah. I’m not sure who he should choose. There is plenty of drama to happen before they find the cure, if it even exists.

Kill or Be Killed or Armless

When it came down to it, Kol either needed to be killed, daggered, or he was going to take action against Bonnie and Jeremy. No matter what Kol had to be taken out of the picture. Elena’s plan to kill Kol hit a few snags but it worked.

Though, Kol ended up bringing his death on himself, since her provided the dagger that killed him. With the help of the vervain water and his sister, Jeremy daggered Kol with a white ash stake and killed him.

Given Kol’s disobedience and opposition to finding the cure, Klaus’s reaction to Kol’s death was a bit surprising. Though, it’s one thing for Klaus to take action against his kin and entirely different for someone else to do it.

With Kol’s death, Jeremy’s mark completed and now they are one step closer to finding the cure. Though, when Klaus was screaming about Kol’s death, he said he wanted to destroy the cure. Was he lying to Damon? Or, was he lying in the aftermath of Kol’s explosive demise? It doesn’t really matter since he is now locked away for three or four days.

Lesson: An Original can be killed!

Now What?

Stefan revealed that he didn’t dagger Rebekah to everyone’s surprise and that she was joining them on the search for the cure. 

Of course, Damon used this to reveal that Stefan and Rebekah slept together for Elena’s benefit. Will they ever stop fighting over Elena Gilbert? Doubtful! And, this one ended with a nice punch. 

Jeremy’s mark is now complete, Stefan has the headstone, and Bonnie has magic, so they should be all set to head off in search of the cure. And, Damon summed it up in three words, “Here we go.”

Was killing Kol the best option to protect the search for the cure and complete Jeremy’s mark? Will you miss him? Will Klaus forgive them for killing Kol? Do you think Stefan is really over Elena? Or, if Damon wasn’t in the picture, would he still pick her over Rebekah?

Next Thursday on “Into the Wild,” they head to Nova Scotia in search of the cure. Check out the photos below.

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