This Thursday’s Glee will be a very revealing episode. And I mean that literally, as the guys in New Directions will strip down for a Men of McKinley calendar. But that’s not the only storyline to expect in “Naked.” To preview what’s ahead for Rachel, Sam, Brittany and New Directions, FOX has released three new video clips.

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Over at NYADA, Rachel contemplates whether she should go after a part in a student film. The only catch: the role requires her to be topless. Since she’s torn about whether to audition or not, the only appropriate thing to do is perform Natalie Umbruglia’s “Torn.” Over the years, Rachel has thought very highly of her own vocal talent, so it’s also fitting for her to duet with … herself! Confused? Watch the full performance below and everything will make sense.

SAT scores are in, and Principal Figgins calls Sam and Brittany into his office to inform them that they’ve received the highest and lowest scores in the history of McKinley High. But of the two of them, who broke the record high? And find out why that doesn’t necessarily mean this person’s a genius.

Last week, Sam and Blaine did some investigating and figured out that the Warblers were taking steroids. Now they’ve got to raise money for Regionals. Tina comes up with the brilliant idea of a Men of McKinley High calendar. “Let’s face it,” she says. “This is the cutest group of Glee guys we’ve ever had.” There’s some great one-liners in this video, including one by Kitty about Twilight.

Do you think it’s appropriate for the male students to take part in the calendar shoot? What will Sam do now that he’s received low SAT scores? And will Rachel audition for the role in the student film?

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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