On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Enzo scour Atlanta for the doppelganger. Liv and Luke reveal their true identities. Jeremy joins forces with the twins to help protect Elena from a still unknown danger. Mystic Falls gets a new bad guy.

Walk of Shame

Now that Delena has officially become an on-again, off-again couple, Elena tries to do the walk of shame the morning after their torrid night together. Damon, looking especially yummy (and that doesn’t include the no-no parts we can’t see), is making it as difficult for her to slip away as possible. Alas, guardian responsibilities call. Yes, now that she’s Katherine and Ripper virus free, she can go back to her humdrum daily existence.

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Enzo and Caroline are in Atlanta when they receive a call from Sloan. She worked Stefan’s brain until it was like an overly toasted Pop Tart even after she promised Caroline she wouldn’t. Big surprise, Care Bear: the Travellers aren’t trustworthy.

They now have the name of Stefan’s doppelganger, Tom. And, he can be found hanging around Atlanta Metropolitan Hospital.

The Place to See and Be Seen

Damon chooses to deal with female problems in a more traditional fashion: by getting drunk. This is a welcome change from ripping out the throat of innocent co-eds. While at the Grill, he spies with his little eye one little Gilbert meeting up with Liv.

Someone else suspects something might be up with Jeremy: his girlfriend Bonnie. When Elena calls to break the news that she and Damon are splitsville again, Bonnie finds out that Jeremy did not spend the night at the Salvatore mansion nor was he with her. Elena was preoccupied, so she can’t account for baby brother’s whereabouts either. Even I’ve been wondering what Jeremy’s been up to lately.

A Missing Doppelganger

It looks like Stefan’s visions have expired because Caroline and Enzo find out that Tom disappeared four months ago.

Stefan wakes up and seems to still have all his mental faculties in tact. The Travellers have moved (hence the name) to a junkyard outside of Mystic Falls. This is where they are supposed to meet up with their fearless leader, Markos (Raffi Barsoumian). Yes, Markos will be filling the role of primary antagonist for the rest of the season.

Caroline calls Stefan hoping he will be able to give her and her temporary sidekick something else to go on. Sloan immediately starts with the mind-melding  Stefan sees Tom (Paul in a terrible hair piece) making a date with a woman named Hazel who wants to thank him for saving her friend’s life. She conveniently gives him an address. Caroline is getting increasingly upset by what Sloan is putting Stefan through, and her reaction isn’t going unnoticed by Enzo. Motivated strictly by her feelings for Stefan, Caroline doesn’t seem to be considering the implications of murdering an innocent man. Stefan, despite his precarious state, tells her not to do it. It’s like Sophie’s Choice but way less of a downer.

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Once a Cheater

Elena shows up for Mystic Falls Parent/Teacher Conference Day not realizing that Damon is actually listed as Jeremy’s contact. He shows up only too happy to fulfill his role as guardian since it comes with the perk of getting under Elena’s skin, if not her blouse.

He does tell Elena that he saw Jeremy hanging out with Liv, Bonnie’s “protege.” Elena doesn’t believe her brother would cheat on Bonnie. Damon reminds her that he once had an affair with a ghost (Anna) and that all that was missing was a sappy love song and a pottery wheel. A big believer in redemption, Elena says Jeremy learned his lesson.

While Jeremy may or may not be unfaithful, it turns out he’s been truant, gotten into multiple fights, and has been caught cheating (in math that is). His guidance counselor says that Jeremy is in need of a stable living situation. What? Since when is shacking up with vamps unstable? Elena promises they’ll do better. Truthfully, it would be difficult to do worse.

Witch Hazel

Caroline and Enzo track down Hazel, who in addition to being lackadaisical about getting her mail out of the box, is a witch. Enzo and Caroline aren’t able to enter, but can see her in some sort of trance. Enzo goes for the quick fix, and nearly knocks her head off with the doorknob. There goes their only lead.

Bonnie approaches Luke in the library just as Hazel is ready to make the trip to the Other Side. She passes on a message for Bonnie to give to Luke. Hazel says she failed; she was trying to hide the doppelganger with magic, but they found “us.” Hazel says he’ll know the rest.

Strictly Business

Liv’s interest in Jeremy stems from the fact that he’s a vampire hunter. I would say a retired one, given he hasn’t killed one, well, all season. One of the perks of the job is that he can’t be mind controlled by Travellers. She tells him there’s a rumor going around in witch circles that the Travellers are up to something big. Jeremy is a tad confused because he thought Travellers are witches. Wait for it… Yes, here comes another confusing explanation about how something entirely fictitious and supernatural works.

Travellers have a thing against anyone who gathers their magic from nature: “something about witches cursing the land to turn it against them,” Liv says. They are in town for Elena. So, if Jeremy wants to keep his sister safe, he’ll have to help Liv figure out what the Travellers are up to. When Elena finds out that the world revolves around her, she’s going to be impossible to live with.

Liv gets a text from Luke telling her that Hazel is dead, and it’s time to move on to Plan B. And just like that, girlfriend is outtie. Jeremy points out the magnitude of what she just laid on him, but she says he was Plan A, and things have changed.

Another Change of Plans

Caroline and Enzo continue to bicker after yet another setback. Enzo defends his actions by pointing out that Hazel was in a trance, unable to answer questions.  He says he’s just doing what’s necessary to save Stefan because she won’t. He doesn’t believe, despite Caroline’s protests, that she has the stomach to commit cold-blooded murder.

In the midst of their arguing, they both hear a heartbeat. They find Tom in the basement. He seems to be in some sort of coma or under a spell because he’s not exactly communicative. Enzo questions why a witch would go to such great lengths to keep Tom alive and off the grid for four months. Caroline points out that Silas, the original “Stefan-ganger” died.

Enzo tells Caroline to walk away and let him take care of it. She argues that she made the deal, so it’s on her no matter what. Enzo postulates that perhaps she just can’t stand the idea of Stefan’s life being in anyone’s hands but her own. Just as she’s about to ring Tom’s neck, he conveniently wakes up. He questions who they are, to which Enzo replies, “We’re angels, mate, come to deliver you to the sweet hereafter.” Not bad as far as catchphrases go. Caroline compels him into a trusting, more relaxed state. But Enzo was right about our Care Bear, she pulls a switch-a-roo and snaps Enzo’s neck instead. Now girlfriend has some leverage.

Who’s On First?

Luke confesses to Bonnie that he’s Liv’s twin and a witch. She questions why he’s been watching her all day, but before he can answer, Bonnie gets a call from Jeremy. He wants to know if she knows where Elena is because she may be in trouble. He gives her the abbreviated version of his convo with Liv, and then heads off to the high school to play hero. When Bonnie turns around, Luke has disappeared.

In the midst of all this new intrigue, Elena can’t keep her head out of Damon’s pants, figuratively speaking of course. She gets so hot and bothered fantasizing, that she has to excuse herself. As she tries to keep her hormones in check, Liv shows up. The witch isn’t up for any small talk. She flings Elena against a wall and is ready to stake her. Liv is polite enough to make apologies for what she’s about to do. Apparently, her coven has been trying to protect the feisty brunette, but Elena is just a handful. Damon arrives and saves the day.

Damon interrogates Liv. She tells them that Elena is the last female doppelganger–so she says. The Travellers are going to come for her, and the witches can’t let that happen. Damon’s ready to kill Liv. All he needs is Elena to give him the go ahead. This just brings up their relationship issues, since she doesn’t know if she’s supposed to forgive and forget, or punish Damon when he’s naughty. And, Damon is always naughty. Luckily, TVD is short a resident witch, so Jeremy shows up intent on keeping Liv alive.

Also coming to Liv’s aid is her brother, Luke. However, he wasn’t expecting to run into Matt and Tyler who are there at Bonnie’s request.

Inside the school, Jeremy promises that he’ll make sure nothing happens to Elena. Elena and Damon are dubious since he’s got crappy grades and poor attendance. I’m pretty sure so did everybody else after season one. It’s just a bit hypocritical. Jeremy points out their lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to matriculation. Elena gives baby bro the benefit of the doubt and takes her attack dog Damon with her.

Now there’s a Plan C. Liv and Luke are going to protect Elena, and in return he’ll help them stop the Travellers. Jeremy also gets his own posse, Matt and Tyler.

A Sublet On Life

Caroline sits by as Tom shovels food into his face and tells her his life story. So much as a parking ticket, and she would have the excuse she needs to kill him. Too bad he’s just so darn squeaky clean. She compels him to leave town and settle down with a nice girl.

We all knew that poor Tom was never going to survive, and it’s Enzo who finishes him off. Enzo has in own agenda. He cut a deal with the Travellers to find someone very special to him. Nothing like some extra incentive.

Break-Ups, Cuddling and Markos

Caroline makes it back to Mystic Falls and tells Stefan she failed. Stefan tells her that the Travellers were never going to let him go anyway. He’s too important to them. His stock is through the roof now that Tom is dead. It looks like these two might become friends with benefits.

While Stefan and Caroline grow closer, Elena and Damon continue to fight to stay apart. Don’t worry Delena fans, doppelgangers aside, these two are destined.

It looks like everybody’s going to have to put their love lives on the back burner because there’s a new big baddie in town.

The next Vampire Diaries airs April 17th on Thursday at 8pm on the CW.

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