NBC has announced summer 2014 premiere dates, and it looks like the schedule will be packed with a lot of new shows, along with a few returning reality series.

The network will be debuting six new scripted shows — The Night Shift, Undateable, Crossbones, Taxi Brooklyn, Working the Engels and Welcome to Sweden — along with a new unscripted competition series, Food Fighters, that pits amateur cooks against professional chefs with the opportunity to win cash prizes along the way.

Premiere dates for Last Comic Standing, American Ninja Warrior and America’s Got Talent were previously announced by NBC. LCS recently revealed season 8’s host and judges as well.

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The Night Shift is exactly what the title suggests, following the men and women who work during the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital, which is now under new senior management.

The highly-anticipated Crossbones, which was originally supposed to air during the regular TV season on Fridays (a timeslot that Hannibal eventually took over instead), is set in 1715 and features the pirate Blackbeard and a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors. Assassin Tom Lowe is sent on a mission to take down Blackbeard.

Undateable, a comedy that’ll be airing back to back episodes each week, follows 29-year-old Danny as he helps his roommate, Justin, and his friends while they’re going through an “undateable” time in their lives.

Taxi Brooklyn is a police procedural that’s also described as an action-comedy, and follows the partnership between a NYC taxi driver and an NYPD detective.

Welcome to Sweden centers on a couple, Bruce Evans and Emma Wiik, who move back to Stockholm (Emma’s hometown) after she’s hired on with a prestigious bank.

And Working the Engels is another comedy, about the Engel family who have to run their father’s storefront law firm after he passes away.

Take a look at the entire list of NBC summer premiere dates below:

Thursday, May 22

9-11pm: Last Comic Standing

Monday, May 26

9-11pm: American Ninja Warrior

Tuesday, May 27

8-10pm: America’s Got Talent

10-11pm: The Night Shift

Thursday, May 29

9-10pm: Undateable (back-to-back episodes each week)

10-11pm: Last Comic Standing (regular timeslot premiere)

Friday, May 30

10-11pm: Crossbones

Wednesday, June 25

10-11pm: Taxi Brooklyn

Thursday, July 10

9-9:30pm: Welcome to Sweden

9:30-10pm: Working the Engels

Tuesday, July 22

8-9pm: Food Fighters

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